What to do when AIM Buddy List Disappeared?

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AIM Buddy List Disappeared

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Lots of AOL Instant Messenger user have faced the problem about their AIM buddy list disappeared, this problem have been notes in so many swebsite and forums by AOL Instant Messenger chat service users.

So generally this worried people are searching for how to retrieve the disappeared Aim Buddy List to fix this problem and get back their contacts.

Many users tried different solutions. Even checking it in other platforms such as in their Blackberry, Meebo, Facebook statuses and saw that their AIM contacts are gone there too.

Fortunately, this problem is not yours to solve. It is obviously a problem from the AOL servers. How do you fix it and get back your contacts? You just sit back and wait for AOL to fix it actually.

This problem has happened before, the AIM buddy list disappearing affects different people at different times and in all cases, the issue resolved all on its own in a matter of hours up to a day. So let AOL fix the problem, you can do nothing about it.

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