Walmart Family Mobile postpaid plans detail emerge

Posted by JohnD on Sep 20, 2010 | 18 Comments

Walmart will jump head-on into the cellphone business with its own, branded wireless plan, announced by Walmart on Monday. Walmart Family Mobile postpaid plans detail is given below.

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Walmart Family Mobile, the new postpaid plan will be available starting next week without a contract. It is a really good deal.

Walmart is ranked as no one company among retailers according top the list according to Fortune Magazine’s 2009 Most Admired Companies. It is a veteran in the cellphone market with its two prepaid plans: Common Cents, which operates on the Sprint network, and Straight Talk, which operates on the Verizon network. Walmart Family Mobile will operate with the T-Mobile USA network to launch a new brand of post paid phone service that offers best value for unlimited talk and text.


Without any contracts or hidden commitments, Walmart Family Mobile Service will be offered as a monthly post paid plan and sold exclusively n nearly 2,500 stores from Sept. 20. In this plan, considerable savings to a family of three that amounts to almost $1,200 per year in comparison to other leading national unlimited plans will be offered.

With a no compromise n the quality and keeping the best interest of families in the mind, Walmart Family Mobile is designed to offer the most affordable choice of post paid plan. the primary line of service will be charged at $45 per month with each additional line costing additional $25 per month as per the plan terms. A range of high tech phones from Samsung, Motorola (News – Alert) and Nokia, including Android phones, QWERTY keyboard, touch screens and more is also offered by Walmart. This unique service plan will not charge annual contracts and surprise overages and comes with easy upgrade anytime with new handsets at no extra fee or commitment.

Features of Family mobile:

  1. Family unlimited talk and text
  2. Phones for every family member
  3. Shared web access with webpak
  4. Set limits with free family controls
  5. SC/min int’l calls to 14 countries
  6. Walmart’s every day low prices
  7. T-mobiles’s nationwide coverage

The vice president of merchandising, Walmart U.S, Greg Hall quoted as per a release, “Walmart Family Mobile makes it more affordable to build meaningful relationships with family and friends so that even when budgets are limited, time spent communicating with loved ones isn’t. This plan provides families with the flexibility to connect with each other without surprise charges and with the added benefit of one of the most trusted wireless network providers.”

“There’s a “perception among customers that prepaid service doesn’t offer access to the best phones or the best network quality,” and the “postpaid” plan is the best way to avoid this stigma. Basically, it looks like the best of both worlds — no early termination fees or credit checks, and no running out of minutes because you forgot to top off.”

Jim Alling, T-Mobile’s chief operations officer, USA said “T-Mobile is pleased to offer Walmart with the necessary robust nationwide network so as to launch the new innovative service. The new service plan will prove to offer the best low-cost option for unlimited voice, messaging, web and also international calling as low as 5 cents per minute. Besides all, Walmart Family Mobile also offers affordable Data plans with each activated account preloaded with 100MB WebPak for every service line. Among family members with WebPak refill cards, the data plan can be shared and easily available online or in stores.

The service is being launched today on September 20th and will offer several phones, which include:

  • Nokia 1661 – $35
  • Samsung T139 – $50
  • Samsung T749 – $150
  • Motorola Cliq XT – $250
  • Unconfirmed Samsung device – $100

Walmart Family Mobile postpaid plans detail emerge

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  1. shorty says:


  2. herby says:

    visit There is a customer service number. 877-440-9758 and it was located in the us! Yes you can port your number. Yes you can bring in your own phone. They say it needs to be unlocked. I’ve heard accounts that a Tmobile phone will work. Never tired it. Check out the service maps. if you can’t find it go to and make sure your select the right coverage map. flexpay/prepaid. its alittle different.

  3. KK says:

    For anyone who reads this, like shorty, and goes to WM to see bout this service ya need to know something. Those of us who work at WM in electronics/wireless had no clue about this stuff(at my store anyway and prob that way for lot of others. All we got was like 3 page info bout familymobile, with no real info on it. Just info bout when it would start and when we’d get our stuff, which our managers didn’t even have set up or let us know we had the phones in the back, hell they didn’t even know if we did. So if ya go in and have a situation like shorty on here just ask to talk to the store manager and don’t take it out on the associate who’s usually more in the dark about what’s goin on in WM than the customers who shop there.

  4. anaffa says:

    don’t bother trying the number listed above. Yes,it may be in the US but it isn’t a real person and it’s on a loop-you can’t get any information,either from this number or T-Mobile. You must unlock the phone-with codes,and that will take about two weeks!! Yes,you can use other phones (I am using an android that I own)but it still seems to be a better deal for me than the T-Mobile store

  5. Mike says:

    If the plan is POSTpaid, what is the per-month rate for then?

  6. Tom says:

    Walmart staff is not very knowledgeable. BYOP worked. 800 number is live staffed. Hold times minimal. The correct ph number to activate is 877.308.9621. I recommend that you bring your own unlocked phone to the party or use a tmobile phone locked or unlocked. Highly recommend!

  7. JJ says:

    If there’s as much uncertainty as what I’m picking up on the net about Walmart’s plan already, I think it’s best I stick with what works for me; been with Straight Talk for some time now, and to date I’ve had no hiccups with them and I know exactly what to expect – great coverage, great price, no problems.

  8. adel abou says:

    This is by far the best service i ever had , the customer service are very good and the service is the same t-mobile network , but cheaper and better customer service.
    walmart will stand by this plan , i will never go back to t-mobile great service

  9. cool pontiac says:

    is nationwide roaming included? one Q I have is even if a carrier (like Tmobile) doesnt have great coverage, does it really matter to the customer if roaming is included? in other words you are paying walmart prices but have access to the same network as everyone else. Unless t mobile network doesnt work as well as the others when it is available?

  10. Sam says:

    In case this impacts anyone else, I just got back from Walmart where I was going to sign my wife and I up for the family plan. Both of us have had our numbers for 10+ years, so they are different area codes. Family Mobile will *not* port numbers with different area codes on to the same family plan, so if they port my number then she has to lose hers, or vice-versa. That’s a deal breaker for us!

    For now I’ll just keep calling every day until they change this ridiculous policy… In case anyone else wants to complain, their number is: 877.308.9621

  11. Wilma says:

    Woooo! Much of excitement! “Walmart introduces a better, more affordable way to stay connected with your loved ones.” I immediatly sat up a bit straighter. I had gotten my husband and myself tracfones more than two years ago, and I’m now getting rather restless with my old phone. The news of something better, and possibly cheaper certainly did get me going. And then, came the inevitable comparison. And the wave of enthusiasm subsided quickly. The only better thing walmart is offering me is a smarter, more expensive phone, for more expensive rates.
    I hope I don’t have to wait another two years before a competitor to tracfone starts putting up a hand.

  12. Laura says:

    I still think that Straight Talk is a much bette plan. The phones are really good, and the plan includes unlimited everything- text, data, and minutes- for only $45. If you are a busy businessman or woman, it’s super handy to have everything under one set price.

  13. Alicia says:

    My husband and I recently switched from Straight talk to the Family mobile plan. He uses the phones for work and we noticed that if he went within 50 miles out of a major city, the phone simply would not work, all we could do was txt and since my husband uses the phone for work that just wouldn’t do well. But since we got this Family mobile thing we have had no such problems, he gets service anywhere, he even went out of state, more than 100 miles out and he could still make calls. But here is my question…Does anyone know if the provider will work with tmobile phones?? The phones for the plan are a little overpriced, but we were told they can be since no contract was being signed. The cheaper ones had a good price, but the lowest priced phone does not have any features at all, no camera, no web, not even a bluetooth, but it does have a flashlight…WOW..anyways anyone know??

  14. Dana Rider says:

    I called 3 times to be sure they could switch my t-mobile phone over to the walmart service before I walked the 5 miles to camillus,NY walmart I got there and the girl didnt even know how to activate the phone and the manager didnt either , simply amazing. train you employyees before you release the service WALMART!!

  15. David says:

    I just signed up and “yes” Walmart employees do not know what they are doing. Actually my wife and I switched from T-Mobile plan to save money. Her phone ported over first day and mine wasn’t working. We called customers service and they put in another request to port the number over and had it working with in an hour. This plan uses T-Mobiles cell towers so coverage is good. Only problem so far is their webpack doesn’t seem to work with my t-mobile Dash phone. I’m sure there is a fix, but haven’t had time to play around with finding one yet. Anyone had any similar issues not being able to access the web?

  16. Janet says:

    I am considering the family plan. My contract will be up in one week with ATT. I would like to keep my phone. I wonder if that would work, or maybe not because its att. Does anyone know? I am tired of paying over $100 a month for 700 shared minutes and the 1500 message plan. I only use about 250, but there was no in between 200 -1500. also, is it true that you cannot transfer your current number?

  17. Denhunter says:

    I bought a Family Plan for me, and got a nice phone (Cliq) from them. Then, on a hunch, I bought a 12.00 phone at Walgreens that was an on-sale T-mobile prepay. Threw away the chip, bought the 25 additional sim for my daughter, and presto! works like a charm. There is an ‘OTHER’ selection you choose when adding a phone, and I don’t think it matters what phone you have as long as it has a sim. So, since my kids lose their phones all the time, 12 bucks gone isn’t gonna break me. And 25 a month for unlimited texting and phone is what any kid would kill for.

  18. marcos says:

    Again where’s security?

    With guns, gang robs grocery store
    Around 15 robbers armed with rifles and machine guns stormed at dawn yesterday, the superstore Walmart Gaston Avenue Vidigal, Vila Leopoldina (west side of SP-Brazil). The site is opposite the 91 º DP (Ceagesp), who was on duty at the time of the robbery. No police noticed the action. In less than a month, at least three similar actions occurred in the capital.

    According to police, around 1:30 am yesterday, the gang approached the gate of the store in a cargo truck and other vehicles not reported. The guard was overpowered. Once you have access to the site, the group took hostage 28 employees. They used torches to pry open two ATM machines and even led flat-screen televisions and computers, among other electronics.

    There were no customers inside the supermarket. The action lasted about two hours. The alarm was triggered after the robbers fled. No one was injured. Until early last night, neither the banks nor the hypermarket in charge of ATMs had released the amount stolen by the gang.

    And I repeat now what they will do DISTRICT make their stupid questions and ask why not pressed the panic and then have all the LPs though ?????
    I’ve said and I repeat to invest in security because we are not trained and not registered as safe.

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