Video Of Internet Explorer 9 Beta User Interface In Action Leaked

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Video Of Internet Explorer 9 Beta User Interface In Action Leaked, Internet Explorer 9 Beta User InterfaceVideo of Internet Explorer 9 Beta (IE9) leaked on YouTube, giving short demo of it. This video of IE9 will appear to be the full UI and chrome around the browser, unlike previous previews. The UI is extremely minimal, getting out of the way of the websites it is supposed to showcase. Better glimpse at IE9’s user interface, as well as the browser’s graphics capabilities and Acid3 standards test performance are provided by the latest leak. To promote its upcoming Internet Explorer 9 Beta, Redmond, Washington-based, Microsoft plans to introduce its browser during its “Beauty of the Web” exclusive event on September 15 of this year at the Concourse Exhibition Center in San Francisco, California.

To prove the authenticity of the leak, they have also released the video which demonstrates User Interface (UI) and some functionalities of Internet Explorer 9. The frame is semi-transparent, and the soundless video depicts some IE9 demos which have been seen before that show off the speed of the hardware-accelerated browser. At present, Microsoft only offers “developer preview” versions of the browser that do not feature the new user interface.

Video of Internet Explorer 9 Beta Video Leaked from YouTube:

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