Trillian 5 Beta Screenshots – Social Messenger for Windows 7 ‎launched

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As social messenger, Cerulean Studios has launched Trillian 5 Beta with new feature for Windows 7 after working long time. Trillian 5 is available to download for the public. ‎Trillian 5 beta appears with a new clean and pleasant user interface. Additional features like synchronized chat history, a foursquare plug-in enabling relocation feature, and streamlined social news feeds are involved in new Trillian 5.

Trillian 5 Beta Screenshots - Social Messenger for Windows 7 ‎launched

Trillian 5 has been modified for the look of Windows 7 and now it can zoom in multiple steps or, depending on how much space you want to grant the application on the desktop. This is done with the help of a slider. Particularly, devices with small displays, such as Netbooks take advantage of it. Now, after the desktop refresh Cerulean has announced that a new Trillian client will be available for the Android platform soon. For any messenger application, two core competencies should be inconspicuous and range.


Trillian 5 connect with many Instant Messaging (IM) networks and the social networks like AIM, Windows Live, Yahoo!, Google, Facebook Chat, Jabber, Skype and a lot more. Trillian 5 also improves Facebook Chat via XMPP and support for Foursquare, LinkedIn, and studiVZ / meinVZ / schuelerVZ chat. Here’s the news feeds have been optimized. Besides contact lists and IM accounts are now reconciled and are also all conversations on all systems where Trillian is used.

Even in the new version adds Windows 7′s GPS support for Foursquare, which allows you to synchronize the history of communication between all clients and friends. In addition to reading feeds, you’re able to set your status as well.

You can install all the important settings by just few clicking. A slider can set the size Trillians comfortable. Nevertheless, complex options available that can be used to adjust Trillian Astra 5 to your needs almost exactly. Trillian for Android will work on Android 1.6 and newer versions including Android 2.1 and Android 2.2 Froyo.

Using the social feeds was not as intuitive as we would have liked. You have to hover the cursor over the account listing and select the “pin” option from the context menu to get your feed to appear in the friend list where you will need to choose “share a message” to update your status.

Synchronizing chat history through your account so you can view it on any Trillian installation is one of the more-major features. That one will appear in a subsequent beta build, along with a black theme. The look is stylish, sober and well seamlessly with its Aero Glass effects.

Trillian 5 has a completely redesigned interface. It has buddy listed chat windows. The program also redesigned the menu, and now all the items collected in one list, access is available by clicking on the button that resembles the exact same item in Opera and Firefox 4. You are able to optionally disable toolbars that keep Trillian even lighter and leaner, and differentially resize separate areas of the buddy list. A “simple” view strips away avatars and friends’ status updates to give you a view of the buddy list. There has also a no-skin option for Windows Vista and Windows 7 users who choose the native glass border instead of the two of Trillian 5′s skinning options (we vastly prefer Cobalt over Cordonata on Windows XP).

According to Cerulean Studios blog,

  • Trillian 5 is a new ‘major release’ and Pro customers will need to purchase a new license at a discount. Our 30 day pricing protection has been enabled from the point of our first announcement, meaning 30 days before July 1st, 2010. Therefore, if you purchased Pro anytime after June 1st, 2010 you’ve already got Trillian 5! Licenses are still on sale during our beta and will return to full price upon final release.
  • Synchronized activity history is not yet ready for this build and will be unveiled in a future beta build of Trillian 5. We are still hard at work on the backend to make this possible.
  • We will immediately begin the process of fixing bugs and tweaking features for Trillian 5.
  • Dark theme lovers: a black theme is on the way.
  • News on Trillian for Android public beta is coming next.

Images of Trillian 5:

Trillian 5 Beta Screenshots - Social Messenger for Windows 7 ‎launchedTrillian 5 Beta Screenshots - Social Messenger for Windows 7 ‎launchedTrillian 5 Beta Screenshots - Social Messenger for Windows 7 ‎launchedTrillian 5 Beta Screenshots - Social Messenger for Windows 7 ‎launchedTrillian 5 Beta Screenshots - Social Messenger for Windows 7 ‎launchedTrillian 5 Beta Screenshots - Social Messenger for Windows 7 ‎launched

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