Sprint launched Motorola i1 – Android 1.5 Phone

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Motorola i1 handset has been lunched by Sprint and it will be available from July 25 in Sprint stores to sale. Motorola i1 is Android 1.5 phone which consists Nextel Direct Connect technology. It is featured with 3.1 inch touchscreen display, Wi-Fi, USB microphone, Bluetooth 2.0, and a 2.5 mm headphone jack. Motorola i1 looks like sleek, tablet-style.

Sprint launched Motorola i1 - Android 1.5 Phone

The Motorola i1 is attractive standard phone, its specifications includes 5 MP camera with geo-tagging and single LED flash, Wi-fi, bluetooth and A-GPS. A new Android handset is heading to Sprint and this time around it is coming from Motorola. It can hold up military spec 810F certified for blowing rain, dust, shock, vibration, temperature extremes, low pressure, salt fog, humidity and solar radiation.

Sprint launched Motorola i1 - Android 1.5 Phone

In terms of specs and OS version, the i1 is easily outclassed by the competition, but for many people the Push-To-Talk (PTT) capabilities could outweigh any edge in hardware and software advantages. Sprint Motorola i1 First Android Cell Phone Push To Talk integrates with Microsoft Document Viewer.

Motorola i1 combines the convenience of PTT two-way radio with a premium browsing and messaging experience. Motorola i1 has Android WebKit Browser with Adobe® Flash® Lite® for access to content created with Adobe Flash and multiple keyboard options, including Swype™, for quick and efficient messaging. It supports Adobe Flash, MP3, WAV, WMA, WMV, MIDI and audio format MP4 and H.263, H.264 and WMV.

One weakness of this newly released handset is that it appears pre-installed with Android version 1.5; however it is possible this will get updated to a modern version in the future. The handset has Android 1.5 and the Push to Talk which provide facility to connect each other and capacity to see your loving one during the calling.

The handset is featuring with Opera 5 mini – a powerful, fast web browser pre-installed which allowing users to have a great browsing experience. The Motorola i1 has good looks with the design of the hardware buttons and the black chrome edging.

The 1400mAh battery is for a maximum of four days standby power and well up to 210 minutes of talk time. It comes with a microSD card with 2 GB of removable cards that can be replaced by up to 32 GB. I1 Motorola measures 58 x 118 x 12.8 mm and weighs 131.26 grams (4.63 ounces).

The i1 has been launched through direct ship, business sales, telesales, and web sales on July 25 and will hit the remaining channels on August 8th. The phone price is set at $149.99 with a two-year contract after a $50 mail-in rebate.

According to press release, Motorola i1 is the only Android device to offer Nextel Direct Connect as well as the latest smartphone features and the ability to withstand some of the harshest environments.

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