Sony Ericsson BRAVIA S005: Specifications, Features & Services

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BRAVIA is brand of the Sony Ericsson. It is in the market with its LCD televisions, projection TVs and front projectors, etc. Sony Ericsson BRAVIA S005 comes with 3.2-inch LCD screen with 0.9-inch OLED sub display, 8MP CMOS camera, 1GHz Snapdragon CPU, IPX5/7 waterproof, microSDHC slot, Wi-Fi and more. Check out Specifications, Features & Services of this latest device below.

Sony Ericsson BRAVIA S005 includes the battery that is securely attached. It submerges in the hot spring water pool. 6.3mm diameter nozzle for about 3m 12.5 ℓ / 3 more minutes under the conditions of water injection, even with the water jet nozzle from any direction, keeps performance of the phone. IPX7 grade, at room temperature, water depth of 1m and sank smoothly to the hydrostatic tank body of the phone, even after standing for about 30 minutes on the bottom, do not overflow inside the body and maintain its function as a phone.


Sony Ericsson BRAVIA S005 features:

Users can use twice the CPU clock frequency easily by utilizing crisp and faster application start menu and different calls. It offers stress-free and relaxed operation. Pictographs make the calls quicker address and also generate a fast email. You can save the images speedily and can begin the camera shutter missed opportunities.

Odekake quality transfers can flow motion seg 4 xs. It holds four times the number of exposures, “Motion Flow Lite 60Hz” technology that is able to supply jagged images even fast-moving one-segment, silky playback. The phone receives dual-large screen and open the Video Viewer, achieving an easy performance experience for enjoying place.

Specifications of Sony Ericsson BRAVIA S005:

  • Size mm (W × H × D): About 51 × 111 × 18
  • Weight: 145g
  • Talk time: About 210 (using Japan)
  • Standby time: 260 (1) 150 (2) (when used in Japan)
  • Display Size: Approximately 3.2 / 0.9
  • Display Type: TFT
  • The maximum number of color LCD display: Approximately 16,770,000 colors / color 1
  • Cameras:
    • Photo Features
      • Maximum shot size: 3,264 × 2,448
      • Continuous shooting: 9 / 4 shooting (4)
      • Zoom function: 10x / 51 stage
    • Movie Features
      • Longer recording: VGA = 90 minutes (5)
      • Zoom function: Times the 9 / 49 levels
  • E-mail Number of incoming e-mail storage: 1,000, or about 3.14MB
  • Number of outgoing e-mail storage: 500, or about 1.83MB
  • Data Capacity
    • Data folder capacity: 5,000 or about 800MB (BREW ®-only about extra 100MB)
    • SD Memory Card: 16GB microSDHC ™ / secure support
  • Continuous viewing time: About 4 hours 00 minutes
  • Music playback time LISMO 4: About 34 hours 10 minutes
  • Number of registered address book: 1,000 (5 / 6)
  • Dictionary Features: Electronic Dictionary

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