Sonic Emotion 3D digital radio ‘Pinell Wide’ debuted at IFA 2010

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At IFA 2010 in Berlin, the world’s first 3D digital radio that called as ‘Pinell Wide’ has been only debuted by the Sonic Emotion. Yet the price and availability detail for Sonic Emotion 3D digital radio is not published.

Sonic Emotion 3D digital radio, Pinell Wide

Sonic emotion is the world’s leading provider of 3D-sound technology. “To create emotions just by sound” is the vision of Sonic. Its 3D-sound technology is actually great, offers a relevant and unique solution for surround sound. Sonic emotion is license technologies for home entertainment, headphones, gaming und docking station.


Sonic Emotion has introduced latest 3D digital radio ‘Pinell Wide’ at IFA 2010 that comes with some luxurious features such as a fixed color touch screen display and look and feel that hails from Scandinavia as well as able to create a 3D sound experience in any listening room. Now, 3D sound can be experienced by consumers regardless of listener positioning, with sonic emotion’s ‘Pinell Wide’.

Based upon wavefield synthesis, sonic emotion 3D sound technology will fill any listening room theoretically with sonic waves to create the illusion of sounds originating from all around you no need for loudspeakers. The pricing and availability detail is expected to be coming soon.

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