Shure SE315 Sound Isolating Earphones reviews hitting web

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Shure SE315 earphone has been launched by Shure which is new range of award winning Shure SE Sound Isolating earphones. Shure SE315 offers High-Definition Vented MicroDrivers which deliver extended range sound and optimized low-end. It is available in two colors, clear and black. The price of Shure SE315 Sound Isolating Earphones is approximate £ 189.99.

Shure SE315 Sound Isolating Earphones Snap

The single driver of the SE315 is housed in a uniquely which is designed internal assembly. The maximum performance out of a single driver is delivered by SE315 for a clear and pristine extended audio range – on-stage and on the go. Tuned BassPort technology is included in SE315 which optimizes low-end performance utilizing a vented driver. Designed for both professional monitoring and personal listening, this model integrates a detachable cable at the ear for increased durability and easy replacement, and formable wire for a comfortable and secure fit.

Similar to Personal Monitor Systems, Sound Isolating Earphones were originally developed to allow musicians to hear their own performances in loud onstage environments. They work by using soft, flexible sleeves to block up to 90 % of the background noise. Users can concentrate on their music, whether they are on-stage, in a train, on the street or working out. They can also decrease the audio level to conserve their hearing.

With the SE315 rounding out the SE Earphone family, customers now have a choice between a variety of sound signatures, cable options, colors and accessories to meet any budget or application. An assortment of foam and silicone sleeves is available in different sizes in the Fit Kit because every ear is different in size. Durable Kevlar reinforced cable is featured in SE315 that allows easy replacement or customization. The formable wire ensures secure placement, and over the ear configuration keeps cables out of the way.


The gold plated MMCX connector has a lock-snap mechanism which allows 360 degree rotation for comfortable fit. With Shure SE315 Sound Isolating Earphones, user can get Shure SE315 Sound Isolating Earphones, Foam Sleeves (S / M / L), Soft Flex Sleeves (S / M / L), Yellow Foam Sleeves, Triple Flange Sleeves and Soft-Zip Carry Case.

Shure SE315 Sound Isolating Earphones reviews hitting web Shure SE315 Sound Isolating Earphones reviews hitting web Shure SE315 Sound Isolating Earphones reviews hitting web

Technical Specification:

Frequency Response: 22 – 18,500 Hz
Impedance: 27 Ohms
SPL (1 kHz): 116 dB
Transducer: Single High-Definition MicroDriver + Tuned BassPort
Ear Coupling: ln-Ear
Cable: 162cm Detachable
Plug Type: 3.5mm Gold Plated

Features of Shure SE315 Sound Isolating Earphones:

  • Detachable cable with formable wire allows easy replacement and customization
  • Available in 2 colors
  • Single High-Definition MicroDrivers and Tuned BassPort deliver full-range sound and optimized low-end performance for professional monitoring or personal listening
  • Sound Isolating sleeves block outside noise and provide a personalized fit

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