Rush Limbaugh Says Zoogue is useful Ipad case

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Rush Limbaugh mentioned a product, the ZooGue iPad Smart Case on today’s air wave show. Many iPad enthusiasts have been gratifying vehement about the product. The Zoogue Company sells an iPad box which additionally can be used as the stand. It is a full leather folio case that not only protects your iPad, but also when you open it up, you flip the screen cover around. As shortly as Limbaugh mentioned the association and website on his show, the site instantaneously went down due to apparent traffic issues.

zoogue iPad case

The association is run by a young industrialist, Tim Angel who is only twenty-five years old. The features of the Zoogue iPad case include the kickstand which will concede you to place the iPad on a table or desk as well as watch your favorite videos or cinema without the need to hold it in your hands. Additionally, there are also 2 velcro strips which can be used which can be used to trustworthy the iPad to the back of a car seat or automobile chair and spin it in to an instant in car television set.

The iPad case also contains holes for the home button, the power/sleep switch, speakers, volume control, charging cable, orientation switch and everything else you need to access. As it is the leather case, it covers up some of the screen that creates it challenging sometimes to hit some areas on screen, but with a little practice and work it’s less a deal killer and more just a tight fit.

The Zoogue iPad case can be purchased for $49.99 at with free shipping in the U.S. and has been a good seller to illustrate far. This is the best iPad smart case out there as said by many reviewers. Additionally, it is also important to note that $1.00 from every box sale is donated to The Make a Wish Foundation.

ZooGue iPad Smart Case — The Best iPad Case video from Youtube:

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  1. Jez says:

    One of the nine Rush Limbaugh-autographed iPad’s is for sale on eBay currently. It would look great in one of these cases!

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