RIM launch BlackBerry PlayBook Simulator & SDK for Mac & Windows

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Yesterday (25th October, 2010), the Waterloo-based mobile tech giant RIM (Research In Motion) has introduced the first Simulator & SDK (Software Developer Kit) for its upcoming BlackBerry Playbook tablet. The first SDK and Simulator tools are necessary for developers of Mac and windows. The kit allows both developers to create, run and test their applications in the RIM-preferred Adobe AIR format and provides disk image that can run in VMware and maybe other virtual machines.

According to the, David Yach, Chief technology officer (CTO) of Rim, “The new SDK for the BlackBerry PlayBook unleashes a wealth of opportunity for the Adobe and BlackBerry development communities to easily create value-added applications and experiences for customers and we are extremely excited by the positive feedback received from developers in early trials.”

With the SDK (Software Developer Kit) for Adobe AIR, Developers of PCs can control the exclusively great capabilities of the BlackBerry Tablet OS and access all of the richness of Adobe AIR to send extremely appealing and high-performing AIR applications for the BlackBerry PlayBook. Rim gives a sufficient time to developers for downloading new applications for their BlackBerry PlayBook. Currently, The BlackBerry Tablet OS SDK for Adobe AIR and the BlackBerry PlayBook simulator are available in beta for free downloading. If you want to download Simulator & SDK, then visit

Benefits of SDK & Simulator blackberry playbook:

  • SDK adds new extensions for Adobe AIR that have been highly optimized for the BlackBerry Tablet OS
  • Developers can instantly begin building uncompromised applications for the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet
  • Early feedback from developers highlights ease of development and high performance
  • The simulator documentation specifically states that Adobe Air apps will only be distributable through App World for actual PlayBook devices
  • VMware Player is free for personal non-commercial use and is only distributable with written permission from VMware
  • You can create a run configuration from within Flash Builder to deploy your application to the BlackBerry Tablet Simulator directly from Flash Builder
  • Powerful APIs to superior features such as the front and rear facing cameras, accelerometer, geo-location, in-app payments and more
  • Seamless communication between AIR apps on the BlackBerry PlayBook, allowing the creation of “Super App” experiences

SDK (Software developer kit) is available with Action Script UI components built specifically for the BlackBerry, PlayBookAPI Reference docs, a plug-in for Adobe Flash Builder 4.0 and Packaging and signing tools.

RIM launch BlackBerry PlayBook Simulator & SDK for Mac & Windows

The Blackberry playbook is equipped with a dual-core processor and multi-processing OS. It is the world’s first tablet to create from the metal up to run Flash Player 10.1 and Adobe AIR applications in a fully integrated, fully optimized fashion. This incorporated support and the BlackBerry PlayBook’s outstanding processing power provide developers the ability to send very rich content and applications with highly-responsive and fluid touch screen experiences.

Plugging the Simulator in to the playbook tablet, the developers can test applications for use on the device just like how they would appear on the actual device. It provides some best ideas of the user interface of the new QNX operating system. The simulator boasts a very small part of the actual features, really only showing off the media player and the general user interface like the on-screen keyboard.

Blackberry Playbook Tablet OS Simulator video from youtube:

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