Revo Round introduces RoundTop laptop Prototype

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To introduce the abnormal design of the laptop, round laptop in the market is the innovative idea of Revo Round Company.The Revo Roundtop is an entirely round laptop with a round display, round case, and even a curved keyboard, touchpad, and other constituents that match to this laptop. Features and more details about this new laptop are described here.

The round laptop is better recognized as the Roundtop and seems to take its shape from the common devices that are seen in the movies. The object of the company behind this round laptop is to puff the laptop market apart and generate a nice little slot within the multimillion dollar industry. Revo Round anticipates that Roundtop technology is not used just for computers, but also for billboards and other displays in the futures.

The whole thing of RoundTop laptop appears to be in the prototype testing stages that is a good thing because some people think that content should look on a computer display. Researchers think that staring at conventional rectangular screens will cause an evolutionary alter, in fact it is believed that Asian people could expand western style round eyes within three generations.

Freshly the first prototype was unveiled to a small test group. The results of this first series were very acceptable and corroborate the value of the Round top for the future of the Asian characteristics.

Following are the Characteristics of the first prototype version:

  • External display now only achievable with hardware and software update
  • No loss of picture superiority, tested for variable screen resolutions. Except HD and 3DTV
  • Monitor and computer in one set, both PC and Mac version;
  • Parallel in size as conventional computer plasma screens;

The object is to incorporate the Round top computer in personal, business and public use. There is a possibility to use this laptop in households, corporate offices, but ultimately also in billboards on the street. The company has not made any announcement about the price of this laptop.

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