Plustek SmartPhoto P60 photo scanner: Compact & Portable Scanner Unveiled

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The new SmartPhoto P60 compact photo scanner was launched on 5 August 2010 for people to digitize and share their printed photos. Simple operation is offered by the SmartPhoto P60, which is capable of scanning at 100dpi, 300dpi or 600dpi resolutions. It is very fast and scans a 4×6-inch photo in just 18 seconds (at 100dpi). With the touch of a button, SmartPhoto P60 converts old photographs into digital files without the need for any complicated computer software.

Plustek SmartPhoto P60 photo scanner

Simply plug the scanner into your PC or Mac, place any photo up to 4″x6″ in the scanner. Press the button and the photo is digitized and sent to your computer. Your photograph is easily shared by using email or any popular online photo sharing service. For preserving older photographs that are damaged or beginning to fade, SmartPhoto P60 is a great tool. SmartPhoto P60 comes with a protector sheet that allows the user to scan old, fragile or irreplaceable photographs without fearing for their physical safety.

Similar to a photo, which is created by a digital camera, after scanning, digital photos may be shared online, through email, and on digital photo frames. Moreover, users can view photos with any photo viewing and organizing application such as Google Picasa, Microsoft Photo Gallery, iPhoto and more. An USB port powered the SmartPhoto P60 so that it may be used anywhere with a Laptop, Netbook, PC or Macintosh computer.

Plustek SmartPhoto P60 photo scanner: Compact=

The SmartPhoto P60 is also used for scrapbooking. Users can take the scanner to their neighborhood scrapbooking party due to the scanner is small, portable and powered by the computer. The SmartPhoto P60 has digital Photo Frames on which, users can upload their scanned photos. Plustek SmartOffice P60 creates advanced images that satisfied to amateur photographer. A state of the art LED illumination system, which can create images that are in 48 bit color at resolutions up to 600dpi, is featured by the SmartOffice P60 scanner. This makes sure that photographs are accurately captured and preserved.

In the SmartOffice P60, Plustek’s 20 years of experience in photographic imaging and imaging science come together. This scanner is suitable for a wide experience range, from someone who has never scanned a photo, to an advanced amateur photographer, due to it is a state of the art, high quality, easy to use photo scanner.

Features of Plustek SmartPhoto P60:

Share Your memories with Family and Friends. Product Features are:

  • Simple Operation
  • Does not require external power
  • Portable
  • Fast, Scans a 4×6¡¨ photo in 18 seconds (at 100 dpi). No warm up time
  • Uses Windows photo viewing application to view and organize images
  • Works with PCs or Macs
  • Does not require any additional software. Uses Windows photo viewing application to view and organize images
  • Scans at 100 dpi, 300 dpi or 600 dpi for ultimate image quality

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