Philips Dual Remote Control with QWERTY launched

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Day by day, plenty of QWERTY remotes come out, trying all the luxury and make operating your television more like operating a computer. Recently, Philips has unveiled new remote for multimedia computers. In remote control development, Philips has many years of experience and now launched Dual Remote control with QWERTY keyboard.

With the release of Philips Remote Control Dual, Philips has raised its list of Home Control appliances. It comes in a regular remote control format, with an additional feature QWERTY keyboard. The DUAL is a perfect solution as all things come in one device that will offer the service of a mouse, keyboard and remote without the bulk.

The new Home Control remote will become the tool of choice for people as it tackle the growing need for interactive devices permitting for text input. Features include QWERTY keyboard, gesture control, pointer, touchpad, 4 directional keys, and an optical sensor to influence an on-screen cursor and form fields without switching devices.

“This new keyboard remote shows that we are on top of the upcoming trend. It was challenging to develop this remote to cater for all these features, while at the same time we wanted the design to be slim, easy to operate and modern looking. From the enormous interest we have gathered during the pre-launch period, I can honestly say we succeeded with glory”, said by Rick Siu, Director Product Management, Philips Home Control.

The Dual remote packs some awesome functionality. It has QWERTY keyboard on the backside will help you as you stretch the abilities of your new high-tech TV set, to use goodies like web browsing, social networking and scores of applications that decorate them. The Dual remote introduces methods for example pointers and optical sensors to make selection and navigation a lot easier.

Philips Dual Remote Control offers a fulfilling user experience, combining intuitive wireless input & control devices. Regarding the release date and pricing, no information is available for now.

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