New Panasonic Jungle Gaming console : Price & review

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A new handheld gaming system, called “Jungle”, has been unveiled by consumer electronics company, Panasonic. Users are allowed to play games via online and MMO’s especially by the new platforms. The concept of taking MMORPGs is used to make Panasonic Jungle gaming console. A solid QWERTY keyboard, touchpad, and trigger buttons and a directional pad will be featured in the handheld device. Two set of ports such as HDMI and a USB are supported by it. Panasonic Jungle Gaming console is operated by a custom Linux.

With full QWERTY type keyboard, a D pad and a touchpad of Jungle players will have more input methods in comparison to the Nintendo DS family or the PlayStation Portable. Full specifications for the device have not been revealed by Panasonic but it appears that it contains both Wi Fi capabilities and some form of 3G access, by which gamers can access their favorite titles wherever they are.

BigPoint and Panasonic are developing Battlestar Galactica MMO, in which first title of support gaming on the Jungle will be come but they are trying to find other big MMO creators. The launch date of the device has not been declared but Panasonic will decide on a date in 2011. In the beginning of the ’90’s, Panasonic launched the 3DO Interactive Multiplayer so it has some experience with gaming hardware.

The Battlestar Galactica MMO is set to operate in a browser. Players will be offered with three dimensional spaces that allow them to experience the drama surrounding the rag tag fleet of human survivors, who are operated from the Cylon. A report on Gizmodo quotes a test gamer who has said that, “The screen resolution is bananas. Everyone was freaking out about it,” suggesting that the new device might be powered by some pretty powerful chips.

Officially the price of New Panasonic Jungle Gaming console was not announced but it is expected that price will be between $200 and $400.


  • This will go the way of the 3DO-DO bird.
  • This might finally push Sony to bring out a true F-ing PSP 2.
  • This device could be a win if they piddy-backed onto the Qt cross-platform application framework for games development.
  • The playstation was the first of its kind, being the first CD based games console as well as being a relatively cheap fully 3D console.
  • This device was actually developed by the UN and CIA to destroy computer infrastructure targets around the globe by implanting Stuxnet into millions of computer networks
  • As long as the games are as competitive as those from Nintendo and Sony, people do not think how the device may fail. It may look ‘legacy’, but it works.


  • It looks incredibly $hitty, even more so than the Nokia N-Gage travesty. This is hideous.
  • It contains bad design, no mouse, tight keyboard,bulky
  • This division of Panasonic will run out of money shortly if they aren’t careful.
  • It is like a portable Phantom.
  • Price is high tag – 400 dollars is being thrown around
  • DD only means no game store support (similar to ngage and pspgo)
  • It is only good for mmorpgs and since its linux it cant play the biggest WoW easily
  • Its going up against the 3ds after the 3ds launches and sells 4 million units in 1 month.

Video of Panasonic Jungle portable gaming system from youtube:

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