New Opera iPad Version to be unveiled at MWC

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Thousands of people from across the technical industry go down on Barcelona for the high technology profile four-day event, Mobile World Congress (MWC) that is scheduled to start just within few days in Barcelona. For the MWC, lots of companies have already given details on their plans. For Apple’s iPad and a string of smartphone platforms, a new version of popular Opera Mini is planned to exhibit at the upcoming Mobile World Congress by Opera Software. The 100 million user mark had been passed by Opera Mini mobile browser that is announced by the company.

New Opera iPad Version

Image source: by aditza121, from flickr

The new Opera Mini app will be accessible on Android, BlackBerry, Symbian and J2ME. Updates to the Opera Mobile web browser on Android and Symbian, will also be announced by the company. Previous to Apple, Google and Nokia’s native mobile browsers, a mobile web browser market share of 21 percent is boasted by Opera Mini. The new Opera Mini app is a very well-liked mobile browser that has found lots of achievements mostly on non-smartphones.

According to a statement by Opera CEO Lars Boilesen, users need not to recharge their battery in every few hours so it is made very light. Operators can get help by Opera Mini and Opera Mobile in reducing the bandwidth that chokes their networks. As per monthly mobile trend analysis report of Opera, the company’s browser software contains approximate 105 million users across multiple mobile platforms. For the official iPad version availability details have not been provided in the App Store.

It is expected that the iPad browser will be rather similar to the iPhone version, and should contain additional features for the bigger screen. Chief executive of Opera Software, Lars Boilesen said that the developers have done hard work in making the upcoming mobile browser for both consumers and mobile operators. Mostly renewable resources are used to power Opera Mini’s servers because Company wants that this browser can impact on lives in a meaningful way. Company believes that a browser may never change the globe, but company has to try again and again.

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