Motorola WX Series Mobiles In India (MOTO WX181-WX260-WX265-WX290-WX295)

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In Indian mobile market, new five WX series models are unveiled with new features by Motorola including MOTO WX181, MOTO WX260, MOTO WX265, MOTO WX290, and MOTO WX295. Motorola WX series mobiles are available at very inexpensive prices. New models are featured with integrated flash light, FM Radio, Conference calls, Music players and more. Mainly all these phones have similar features with a few exceptions.

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Moto WX series

As per Motorola, these new MOTOYUVA mobile phones will deliver affordable solutions for talking, text messaging, photos and hearing to tunes. Motorola’s new affordable models will be available in a price range of Rs 1490 to Rs 2890. Moto WX181 is basic model with FM radio, Battery performance of 180-540 minutes continues talk time and 220- 380 hours standby time with Connector Mini USB etc. The WX260 has a 1.8 inch with a 128×160 pixel display. This phone supports GPRS class 10 with a FM radio. It comes with an expandable memory card slots up to 2GB. It uses a 750mAh Li battery which can be used up to 420-620 hrs of stand time.

After that in the WX series, WX265 has the same features as Wx290. The WX265 looks like clam-shell form factor. This handset supports up to 2GB memory card slot and a Bluetooth. The MOTO WX290 and WX295 are quite higher price than other three mobile phones. These two mobiles have same features but their different in their form factor. The WX290 looks like candy-bar while the WX295 looks like a clam-shell form factor. These too handset comes with a 65k TFT, 1.8 inch display with a 128×160 pixels. The WX290 comes with a VGA camera. Both the handset comes with a memory card slots up to 2GB.



Moto WX 181 is “candy bar” mobile which includes Fm radio with RDS. It has 1.5 inches, 128×128 pixels, and 65K color display for viewing up to 100 saved messages. The phone has GSM 900/1800 and also has a Mini USB connection. It has midi ringtones format, screensavers and wallpapers. It has 180-540 minutes talk time, 750 MAH lithium battery, and 220-380 hours standby time.

Moto WX181’s price in India: Rs. 1,490



After the MOTO 181, MOTO WX 260 is next models in the WX series mobiles. It has a 1.8 inch with a 128×160 pixel brilliant colour display. The mobile supports GPRS class 10. This handset is also lightweight. It comes with an expandable memory card slots up to 2GB. It uses a 750 MAH lithium battery which can be used up to 420-620 hrs of stand time. A FM radio is also available in this model. Up to 800 entries stored to phone book, Midi, MP3 ringtone formats are included in WX 260.

Moto WX260’s Price in India: Rs. 1,849



MOTO WX265 is a “Flip phone” and is an advanced small piece than the first two phones. It has support MicroSD cards up to 2GB and also has Bluetooth connectivity. The display of the MOTO WX265 is 65K TFT with a 1.8 inch, 128×160 pixels screen. The handset has FM Radio, GPRS Class 10 support and Mini USB connectivity. WX265 also comes with preloaded Games and support MP3 ringtones.

Moto WX265’s Price in India: Rs. 1,910



MOTO WX290 is an advanced candy bar phone in the released WX series phones. It features with VGA camera, along with support for Bluetooth connectivity, GPRS Class 10 support and mini USB Connectivity. The display is similar to the MOTO WX265 and it also has up to 800 entries stored phonebook, a built-in FM Radio and MP3 ringtones with preloaded ringtones. MOTO WX290 also has support for a MicroSD card which can be expanded to 2GB.

Moto WX290’s price in India: Rs. 2,149



MOTO WX295 is also “Flip phone” with a VGA camera. WX295 also has a MicroSD card support up to 2GB and Bluetooth connectivity like other phones. WX295 also has up to 800 entries stored phonebook, FM radio support and has games preloaded with the device. There are two displays on the phone and the internal is 1.8 inch, 128×160 pixels whereas the external display is 96×16 pixels.


  1. Sumera says:

    attracting cell in this price range….

  2. Vikash says:

    Well there is no use launching such mobile phones. Smaller mobile handset providers are providing much much more than this at the same price.

  3. hyacinth says:

    motorola produces quality phones….other are local and hav no life than 1 year….motorola is the best

  4. Jagan says:

    Today users are looking for CDMA/GSM dual mode mobiles.I dont think these single sim mobiles will click now-a-days.

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