Modu Mobile Phone claiming world’s lightest phone Launched In UK

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The world’s lightest and smallest mobile phone, Modu launched in the UK in the form of the miniscule Modu 1 handset. A widget-based touch interface will be featured by the new device, and multiple ‘jackets’ which it can slot into to boost functionality.

Modu Mobile

The modular device measured just 72.1mm (H) x 37.6mm (W) x 7.8mm (D). The Guiness Book awarded for its tiny proportions, exclusive available SIM-free on retail site PurelyGadgets. A quick glance at the spec sheet reveals a 1.3in OLED screen, up to 2GB of storage and a trim figure of less than 8mm. The weight of the skinnable mobile is only 43g, including battery and both the handset and an assortment of jackets will be on sale exclusively from Purelygadgets.

Sariel Engel, Vice President Sales & Business Development, commented, “Our launch in the UK with Purelygadgets is an exciting development in Modu’s distribution. This partnership will make the Modu 1 phone and Modu jackets available to a new and dynamic market. This is a winning scenario for Modu, Purelygadgets and UK mobile phone customers“. Andrew Tse stated, “We are really excited to be working with Modu and be the first to bring it to the UK. Modu have extraordinary design, innovation and fun in their products. Things that our customers are always looking for in the latest lifestyle tech products.”

Since its official launch, Modu 1 phone lands in UK after about one year. Currently, the phone is priced at £129.99 and requires buyers to spend extra bugs in the range of £30 and £50 for each additional jacket. The Israeli manufacturer decided to give one of the most important online shops, purely gadgets exclusivity over the eagerly anticipated modular device.

The Modu phone is a minute modular and glossy mobile phone. A 1.3-inch OLED display with 65,000 colors (128 x 96 pixels resolution), a built in speaker, Bluetooth 1.2, MP3 player and 2GB internal memory are featured in the Modu phone. A Modu jacket is the main attraction of the phone. By inserting their Modu phone into Modu jacket, users will be able to modify the phone’s design and features according to their different daily activities.

Currently, Modu1 is being made available in numbers of ‘jackets’ which includes the patterned ‘express jackets’ and more refined looking ‘Shiny jackets’. The night jacket consist 3.2 MP camera with LED flash while ‘sport jacket’ includes a pedometer along timer using an armband attachment in their modular device. The credit card-sized Modu 1 is available in Israel, the Philippines, Romania, and some other places also.

Video of Modu introduction from YouTube:

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