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Posted by on Sep 01, 2010 | 1 Comment is online Math XL courses website which was designed to meet the requirements of instructors as well as students. It provides best online courses material that escort Pearson Addison-Wesley and Pearson Prentice Hall textbooks.


Math XL courses were first launched in the year 2001. Across the nation, it helps over 3 million students in mathematics and statistics subjects. As per the survey, Students are inspired to do more homework by the products’ instant feedback and tutorial support, which means they retain more knowledge and improve their test scores. Online homework, tests, guided solutions, multimedia, and tutorial exercises are featured by Math XL. Along with course-management tools, MathXL provides instructors with a rich and flexible set of course materials that make it easy to deliver all or a portion of your course online.

To enter in Math XL program, users have to register after purchasing an access code. The website is parted under different navigation, i.e. product info, success stories, tours & training, news & event, and support. Under ‘product info’, information about the Math XL, courses, math products, and system requirements for the Math XL courses are given. ‘Success stories’ tells stories related with the progress of student in their studies while ‘tours & training’ includes information about tours, demos, and training regarding Math XL. They also teach how to integrate Math XL into their courses easily. Recent news or event related with Math XL program is given in ‘news & event’ while ‘support’ navigation provides help instructors, students, and IT admin professionals to sort out their problems.

With MathXL, students can work through unlimited tutorial exercises correlated to the exercises in their textbook, receive a personalized study plan to diagnose areas they need to practice and also complete homework assignments and tests online and receive immediate feedback. Instructors can use MathXL to create and assign online homework and tests that are automatically graded and tightly correlated to their textbook. They can also manage students’ results in a powerful online gradebook designed specifically for Mathematics and Statistics. With the help of MathXL, they can customize student’s assignments as much or as little as you like, depending on their syllabus and their students’ needs.

In MathXL, the home work system is a great way to help student engagement with the course material in a classroom. As per teachers, there is a constant improvement in students overall performance on their written exams. MathXL provides opportunity through algorithmically generated problems with excellent videos, animations, and textbook references. As per instructor, their students have a much better learning experience when they complete their homework in MathXL and the average of homework done is increased from 80% to 98% when students used MathXL. The assignments also help the students to increase the average test grades from 82% to 95%.

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  1. yeah right jones says:

    if MathXL is so great why have I been waiting 45 minutes to get ONE question of my homework to load?

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