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Posted by on Aug 18, 2010 | 36 Comments is an official website of Dollar General where one can do Online Survey for Dollar General. In this promotion, there are three (3) grand prices for each sweepstakes. The promotional period for this sweepstakes started on January 30, 2010 at 12:00:01 a.m. Eastern Time (ET) and will end on October 29, 2010 at 11:59:59 p.m. Eastern Time (ET).

ELIGIBILITY: Only legal residents of the U.S. whose age is above age eighteen (18) can enter. Members of the immediate family of persons above (spouses, children, siblings, in-laws and members of the same household (whether related or not) are not eligible. Void in Rhode Island, Canada, Puerto Rico, Guam, U.S. Virgin Islands and any other U.S. possession or territory and where prohibited or restricted by law. Promotion is subject to all federal, state, provincial and local laws and regulations.

ENTRY: Generally, sweepstakes occurs monthly and the entry chart is given below. There are two ways to enter in this sweepstakes which are as follows:

  • Eligible customers of participating Dollar General® retail locations will receive a cash register receipt inviting them to call a toll-free telephone number (1-866-214-5750) or visit the Internet address ( to participate in a Survey and/or enter the Sweepstakes. Customers who receive an official Survey Code can complete a customer satisfaction survey online during a Sweepstakes Period which is aforementioned in order to enter for that period’s drawing.
  • Alternatively, any eligible person may enter the drawing by hand printing their full name, street address (no P.O. Boxes), city, state, zip code, home telephone number, e-mail address and age on a 3½” X 5” postcard (other than it will be disqualified) and mailing it, first-class U.S. postage prepaid, inside a standard #10 size business envelope with a handwritten address to: Dollar General Customer Satisfaction Survey Sweepstakes, P.O. Box 690, Georgetown, CT 06829-0690. All mail-in entries must be postmarked on or before the last day of a sweepstakes period and received by the 7th day of the immediately following period for entry into that period’s drawing.

LIMIT: only one entry per person or household is allowed for monthly Sweepstakes Period, regardless of method of entry. Entries received for a given period’s drawing will not be retained for subsequent periods’ drawings.

Sweepstakes entry schedule:

Sweepstakes Period Entry Begins Entry Ends Mailed entries
must be received
Feb 1/30/2010 2/26/2010 3/5/2010
Mar 2/27/2010 4/2/2010 4/9/2010
Apr 3/3/2010 4/30/20010 5/7/2010
May 5/1/10 5/28/10 6/4/10
Jun 5/29/10 7/2/10 7/9/10
July 7/3/10 7/30/10 8/6/10
Aug 7/31/10 8/27/10 9/3/10
Sept 8/28/10 9/1/10 10/8/10
Oct 9/2/10 10/29/10 11/5/10

DRAWING: Drawing of the sweepstakes will be conducted on or about the fifteenth day of the immediately following sweepstakes period by PHD Marketing Services LLC, an independent judging organization.

PRIZES: In this promotion, there are three (3) grand prices for each sweepstakes. A check of $1,000 will be presented to each Grand Prize winner. Retail value of Grand Prize is $1,000. The prize awarded in connection with the Sweepstakes is nontransferable and non-endorsable. The prize (or any portion thereof) cannot be sold or transferred. All prizes claimed will be awarded.

WINNERS LIST: For getting winner list participants have to send a self-addressed stamped envelope, postmarked before 15th of the sweepstakes period.

Contact information: 2010 Dollar General Customer Satisfaction Survey Sweepstakes Winners List,
P.O. Box 746,
CT 06829-0746.

SPONSOR: Dollar General Corporation, 100 Mission Ridge, Goodlettsville, TN 37072.
ADMINISTRATOR: PHD Marketing Services LLC, 54 Portland Avenue, Redding, CT 06896-3113.

For more information about rules and regulation of Dollar General Online Survey Sweepstakes visit

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  1. Mrs.Donna Hannon says:

    Our family goe’s to Dollar General Store#08553 in louisville,ky. We go several time’s a week. The employe’s are alway’s nice (more like family) and the store is alway’s nice and clean. Thankyou for such a great store with good employe’s and unbeatable deal’s. The Hannon Family

  2. Gary W. Chatham says:

    I always have a good experience at my local dollar general they polite and prompt

  3. peaches says:

    my dollar store #10803 in yale ok. is the best.

  4. v milton says:

    I am a frequent shopper at the Dollar General store in Nedrow, N Y. Recently I purchased batteries there,attempted to use them and discovered they were not the correct size. A few days later(2), I attempted to exchange them. I had purchased the batteries, some mints and a tube of toothpaste. Thinking that everything was okay, I had discarded the receipt. BIG MISTAKE. I explained to the clerk (Craig) who had sold them to me,by the way, that I did not have the receipt and simply wanted to exchange them. To my astonishment he said to me “I didn’t see you come into the store, how do I know that you did’nt just walk in and take them off the rack?” I said to him “you can’t be serious”? I then said ‘we’re talking two dollars worth of batteries here, do I look like I need two dollars worth of anything that badly?’ I then said to him “are you accusing me of taking these? His reply was “people do it all the time’ At this I asked to speak to a manager and he informed me that ‘I’m as high as you can go today.’He then said that a manager would be in on Monday. I must say that this encounter with Craig left me feelin highly insulted. Sensing that this conversation was not a positive one for either of us, I left. On Monday I returned to the store and spoke with the manager on duty, Lori. I explained my encounter with Craig. Lori apologized for my less than positive encounter, and even though I did not have a receipt, offered to allow me to exchange them. Actually the batteries which I needed cost more. I will say that prior to my conversation with Lori, I was not feeling too kindly toward Dollar General. I know that the majority of the stsff at the store are always kind and very helpful. Based on this, I decided to give the store another chance. Thanks to her listening and showing concern for my mistreatment, I now feel better about being a regular at the store. I do hope, that Craig takes a course in customer service training. People like him will certainly not make the customers feel welcome in your store.

  5. Martha Gerald says:

    I have been trading at Dollar General stores for years and can honestly say I have never had a bad experience. The clerks have always been very pleasant (welcoming me as I walk in the door). They are very helpful when I ask where something is located in the store. I have 3 stores within 5-10 miles of my home and when I am out and about with other errands, I know there is one close by if I need to stop in for anything. The clerks at ALL three of MY stores are wonderful people and are definitely ASSETS to Dollar General!

  6. ruby eaton says:

    I enjoy the dollar general store several times a week

  7. ruby eaton says:

    I visit the dollar general store two or three times a week and always find what Ineed.thank you ruby eaton

  8. George Roller says:

    the cashier left us lined up at checkout while she she went off on another isle and talked to 2 people for quite awhile. i was not happy about it along with other folks. i could not find anywhere you sign up for your sweepstakes survey. not good dont you think.

  9. Stella Reed says:

    I love to shop at Dollar General because I know I get great value for my money and since I am on limited income I like to get the most for my money. Thank you for making that possible.

  10. Denise Cozzoli says:

    I shop at the Dollar General located on East Main street in Spartanburg, S.C. I appreciate the bargains, clean store, and friendly staff. The quality of the merchandise is much better than other dollar stores.

    Sweepstakes entry no. 1190-5963-2105-852

  11. kathy says:

    I shopped @ Store #08971. Clerks were friendly and helpful. The store was well stocked. Kay opened another line when it was needed.

  12. I do a lot of shopping at store#07662 as I’m retired and on a fixed income. I can buy more items at a lower cost. Thanks for making this possible.

  13. Carol Cannon says:

    I have been shopping at Dollar General for “YEARS.” I especially love it at Christmas time. Great deals – Great Prices – Tons of decorating items. I am now in a power wheel chair and on disability. At least once a week my power chair and I make the 1.3 mile trip to my local Dollar General. I love that it is close enough for me to still go and do my own shopping. Keep up the good work DG…..

  14. april bruni says:

    Hi, my name is April. I just wanted to make a comment. I stopped in a Dollar General Store today #0821 and was shocked at all the great items for sale. The prices were reasonable too. I found a doll that a wanted to get for my granddaughter but it was high up on a shelf and i could not reach it. One of the employees got it down for me. Everyone there was so nice and courteous. I truely look forward to returning soon. This is now my favorite place. April

  15. Joann Banner says:

    I love Dollar General. We go there very often.

  16. Cris & Sadie Rasmussen says:

    Me and my daughter go to the Dollar General store all the time! We go there even when we do not need anything, but always find something to buy :) ! Wished we owned one!.

  17. Ijaz Rana says:


  18. lenda smith says:

    Where’s the survey??

    I’m getting tired of looking…

  19. shirley turner says:

    we go to dollar gen eral in macomb illinois theemployees are always friendly and very helpful.

  20. Nan Young says:

    I agree with lenda smith – What do we have to do to take this survey?

  21. Jeffrey R. says:

    The Dollar General store in Greenville Illinois is the biggest joke of any kind of retail store I have ever been in. Greenville is a town with very limited buying options, so I have to frequent this store often. I have just about went there for the last time though. It is a small over crowded store that have such narrow isles you can not meet another shopper. It has 2 cash registers but very seldom have both going at once. I have been in there numerous times with 10 to 20 people standing in line waiting to check out. It is to the point that only desperate shoppers go into the store. This store is a joke in everyway possible when it comes to customer satisfaction. The ony reason they have customers is our town does not have a Wal Mart or other store of that caliber.

  22. William Stout says:

    A week or so ago we where having a bad snow storm and I
    had to have some things,but when I arrived at the store they were closing early due to the storm.They gave me time to get what we needed and helped me get the things we had to have. Very nice of the employee to help.
    THANKS, You may pubish this if you wish.

  23. sharron p. says:

    I love Dollar General but tell me why I made a purchase today and on my reciept it’s a cash survey for $1000. I took da survey after entering da code off da reciept and the survey ended in oct 2010. Why do they put the option on your reciept if the cash survey has expired? },whew!!!

  24. Brenda U says:

    Where is the survey? My trip to the Dollar General was not pleasant today. The clerk had the radio so loud my head was buzzing and when I went to check out, she was outside smoking. When she finished with her cig, there were 4 customers in line. She did not say one word to me, not that I could have heard above the radio that was blearing!

  25. cheryl falgout says:

    i live in larose la store #01927. i go there at least once a week cause the walmart is a little far. this store is unbieveable, the shelves or always empty, some workers are always outside smoking. they even have a young girl working there with headphones on full blast listening to nasty vulgar music that i and everyone around hear hernasty music, even small children. today i went they didn’t have a buggy in sight, naturally they had a worker outside i asked wheres the buggies, she answered dont know guess they in the parking lot. well i looked and had to walk about 150ft to get one and there were no others in sight. i said how am i suppose to shop without a buggy, she pretended not to hear me. i have a beauty shop in town and everyone is complaining about that store. a lot of people drive out of there way to go two towns down not to deal with this particular store. how are you suppose to shop when there is nothing on the shelves. most of the worker there act as if they hate being there. not a very nice experience when shopping. also i asked if the air was on they said they control the ac at main office. come on do you realize the humidity they have down here. it was hot in there. year before the ac was broken for months during the hot humid summer. do you want to sweat while your shopping? i know its a lot to take in but this has been building up for a long time. if things don’t change soon i will not go there anymore, its really disgusting. i asked if they could check if they had dr pepper in storage, if its not on the shelf we dont have it. its not what she said its how she said it. im telling you that the whole crew needs to go they are rude, lazy, and down right unpleasant to interact with this people. the other stores ir very different. they ask if need help, they smile, they will try to help you. not the ones at that store, you kinda scared to walk in.

  26. Jill Baggett says:

    I just love going to Dollar General. My family and I go about 2-3 times a week and sometimes more. We actually shop there and do not go to any other stores. I love the easy in and out. The workers are always friendly and help in any way they can. I tell all my friends if I cannot get what I need at Dollar General then I do not need it. We buy everything for the house and for the car at the Dollar General. We have 2 stores with in 5 miles of our house and we usually shop at both of them

  27. Ray Franks says:

    Enjoying and saving at a new dollar general close to our

  28. Janey Hill says:

    I live in Rosedale Ms the dollar general store here is not apart the manager is not friendly the prices in the store is never right on the shelf she get upset with the customers when they ask a question. I never seen a store that do not keep bags,receipt tape or the correct change I going need for somebody to come in and assist the customers that do not mind helping the store sometime be junky nothing organized correctly.You can come to Rosedale and everybody will state the same thing about Shelia the manager. I got one question why she is still and everybody else gone she is no better.

  29. The Dollar General Store #09754 at Harrah South is a
    very friendly place especially the Manager Teresa and
    all her helpers. I like stopping there often and save
    money and find what I need.

  30. Heather says:

    Hi I just went to the mannington wv store
    And got a Hershey’s with almonds I get
    Home and open it and it has white stuff
    On it and I look at the date and it says
    June 2010 it’s march 28 2012 like really
    I am very upset about this I am glad alittle
    Kid didn’t get it and get sick from it
    I think your store is dirty

  31. syble larue says:

    I would like to know what happened to Pamela Sampson who worked at Douglas Al since she left that store is not the same she was so friendly and even though she was working like crazy she always took time to say hello and we appreciate your business I dont buy there anymore because that is a rude bunch of employees

  32. Sarah Lindsay says:

    I like Dollar General because at times like these it is a Godsend.I am so thankful for the fair priceand the endless supply goods they carry.I alawys liked Dollar General since it first came to town but I surely appreciate it now.I hope you be around for a long time Dollar Genaral,you are surely a blessing from the Lord.

  33. Ms L Jones says:

    where is the website to complete the survey to win the $1000?

  34. April Thomas says:

    The Carthage, NC has the dollar value isle – this is great for people with limited incomes – I wish all the Dollar Generals had this – I love Dollar General and so does my 80 year old Mother !! The Carthage location has a great manager and the dollar section !!!

  35. jacquline patton says:

    I really love DG. I was really glad that they built a DG near me. What so funny is every time your company build a DG store. Your completer FD build their store near you. I do not care. Can no store beat your prices. The store in Moss Point is perfect. The cashier in the morning makes my day. She is so nice and funny.

  36. Donna Crisalle says:

    I need the linl to login/sign up for your $1000.00 survey.

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