Internet Explorer 9 Beta user interface screenshots leaked

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Microsoft Chief Operating Officer Kevin Turner has revealed Internet Explorer 9 Beta user interface screenshots. According to Tom Warren of Neowin, Internet Explorer 9 will get a much needed facelift before it is released to public while most of the UI is currently same as its predecessor. Screenshots show off the new Download Manager and Google Chrome like “Popular Sites” page in action.

Internet Explorer 9 Beta, download Internet Explorer 9 Beta

The above screenshot leaked previously has already been commented upon widely on the Internet. Windows Internet Explorer 9 is a browser version that Microsoft hopes will bring IE back into the reckoning for the browser wars. It has been almost a decade since Internet Explorer gained additional market share from competitors, so a lot rides upon the success of IE9. In the new video, the new IE9 graphical user interface can also be seen which is provided by IEBest and that is pretty much as far as the new leaked content on the evolution of Internet Explorer goes.

Standards and speed is the main target of Internet Explorer 9 which shows off the speed improvements as well as the much more modern standards support (95 on Acid3), Microsoft remained tight-lipped on what accurately it was planning to do about that abomination they dare to call a “UI” used by the previous two Internet Explorer releases.

On YouTube, the video of Internet Explorer 9 Beta leaked earlier. They had also released the video which demonstrates User Interface (UI) and some functionalities of Internet Explorer 9 to prove the genuineness of the leak. Some IE9 demos are depicted by the soundless video which has been seen before that show off the speed of the hardware-accelerated browser while the frame is semi-transparent. “Developer preview” versions of the browser are offered by the Microsoft at present in the market that does not feature the new user interface.

This integration also helps IE9 display media-rich elements presented through HTML5, an emerging standard for creating websites. Microsoft is touting IE9’s deep support of HTML5 which is already partially supported in other major browsers via a new website,, that showcases online “experiences” from Microsoft partners such as Photobucket, IMDb, Amazon, eHow and the BBC’s “Top Gear” television show.

The features of IE9 beta which is available for download:

  • “SmartScreen Download Reputation” will analyze the popularity of a file and assess whether it is safe to download. If a file is named “Media Player,” for example, but has not been downloaded very much, IE9 sees a red flag. (This feature is not yet included in the IE9 beta.)
  • IE9 features a “most-visited sites” start-up screen as Safari, Chrome and Firefox already do.
  • Web developers can customize what users see on Windows 7 Jump Lists, which are accessed when a user right-clicks on a website pinned to the Windows taskbar.
  • Pinning also includes grouped tabs and thumbnails.
  • “SmartScreen Malvertising Protection” detects whether advertisements on a website are malicious whether they present fake security alerts or offer malware downloads, for example.

IE9 Beta leaked video with new Logo and UI from youTube:


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    It went live just 30 Minutes ago

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