How to Recall Halco LED Lamp?

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Customers who have purchased Haloc LED bulb during June 2009-March 2014 can get free replacement under “Haloc LED recall” at

Many well established and trusted companies are fully dedicated to provide safe products to their customers. Sometimes due to manufacturing defects companies do voluntary recall of their own products. These recalls reduce chances of any court cases filed by customers and customers do not lost their trust on company’s product. So by recalling their own products, company saves their market image as well as saves millions of dollars by avoiding court cases. Recently, one trusted company Halco has announced recall of their LED lamp due to security measures.

Halco LED Lamp

Halco Lighting Technologies has recently announced recall of ProLED 14W PAR30 and 18W PAR38 lamps. Total 14 Halco LED bulb models that have “ProLED” printed on a label and which have been sold out during June 2009 through March 2014 are asked to give back to manufacturer. Halco LED bulbs are having manufacturing defect that due to overheating it falls down and causes burn to any person who are near to it. Some reports are also addressed to company that they have come across the burn hazardous. Find out all important details of Haloc LED Lamp recall with other important details.

Summary of Haloc LED Lamp recall:

Name of product: Haloc ProLED bulbs

Cause of recall: Haloc ProLED bulbs fall down on customer near to bulb. Bulb comes out of socket due to overheating and poses the situation of burn hazards.

Solution to reduce chances of any hazards: Once you know that you are using recalled Haloc ProLED bulbs, immediately stop use of bulbs and remove them from socket to minimal the worse incident chances. Call to Haloc for free replacement of LED bulbs under Haloc LED bulb recall.

Contact information: For free replacement, call on Halco toll-free number (844) 277-0177 during 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. in working days Monday to Friday. Or visit official site and select LED Bulb Recall link for more information.

Steps to get free replacement service online at

  • From your computer, browse
  • Click on the “LAMP RECALL” link
  • From given table check out product details, product code and begging and ending production code date
  • If fall in any of the 14 code category, then click on “consumer product returns” button
  • If you are distributor of Haloc LED lamps, click on the “Distributor product returns” button
  • Enter how many bulbs you want to return in-front of bulb code information
  • Fill shipping information and other important information as per required
  • Click on “submit” button once you done with filling information

Incidents or Injuries due to defect: Few customers have reported the situation where overheating of ball causes separation of bulb from the socket. No serious injuries have been reported.

Sold at: Haloc LED bulbs are sold at various Lighting retailers and distributors around the nation during June 2009 to March 2014 with cost ranges from $20-$100.

Manufacturer: Halco Lighting Technologies LLC, of Norcross, Ga.

List of Haloc LED bulb model with codes:

Product Product Code Beginning Production Code Date Ending Production Code Date
80643 PAR30/14WW/NFL/LED 12/2010 12/2011
80644 PAR30/14WW/FL/LED 09/2010 10/2011
80645 PAR30/14WW/VWFL/LED 05/2010 07/2011
80646 PAR30/14NW/NFL/LED 11/2010 03/2012
80647 PAR30/14NW/FL/LED 03/2011 03/2012
80648 PAR30/14NW/VWFL/LED 09/2010 08/2011
80674 PAR30/14WW/SP/LED2 03/2010 04/2011
80676 PAR30/14WW/FL/LED2 03/2010 09/2011
80678 PAR30/14NW/SP/LED2 03/2010 12/2010
80680 PAR30/14NW/FL/LED2 03/2010 11/2010
80757 PAR30/14WW/FL/GU24/LED 06/2011 03/2012
80758 PAR30/14NW/FL/GU24/LED 06/2011 07/2011
80670 PAR38/18WW/FL/LED 05/2009 05/2011
80671 PAR38/18NW/FL/LED 05/2009 09/2011

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