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The new flight search site, improved flight search tool with a unique way of presenting fares. The main aim of the Hipmunk is to simplify and make it easier to find the perfect flight with an improved interface. was founded by co-founders of Reddit (Steve Huffmann) and BookTour (Adam Goldstein) and funded by Y Combinator, SV Angel, and Paul Buchheit. It brings unique, fresh way of looking at fare data unlike the old tabular model. The site automatically hides awful flights and instinctive filtering techniques like dragging departure or arrival time around make it easy to sort options.

Other sites build you click through dozens of pages of results to get a feel for the interesting flights. But Hipmunk displayed all flights results on a signal page. It focuses on serving you find the right flight as quickly as possible – not bombarding you with distractions like ads. It also different is the use of tabs at the top, which makes searching multiple flights at the same time easy. Timing and duration are stressed, so a list of fares on each airline as a function of departure and length are presented in a series of parallel, colored bars.

Features of

  • Allow you to visualize how your flights compare in time and duration
  • Hide flights you’d be crazy to take
  • Show all results on a single page
  • Instantly sort results by price, duration, number of stops, etc.
  • Keep multiple searches open at once
  • Instantly filter results by time of day, using our sweet draggable triangles

The flight time is shown on the horizontal axis, and the prices are shown on the vertical axis. That’s why, passenger can easily see when they depart, how long they will be traveling, where they have layovers and when they arrive. The site also allows for “tabbed” searching so you can keep multiple queries open and flick through them one at a time.

Flights are initially separated by “agony,” a multi-variable rating of flight quality. Click “price” on top to see the flight with the lowest price. Lower ranking fares under the best conditions per airline are folded under each line. Once users have found a reasonable route, they can click on their favorite fare and then carry over to Orbitz for finalized booking. Hipmunk interface is lovely and the amount of returned data is simply outstanding. They just need to develop their dataset for searching and monetization.

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