Google Homepage shows Google Balls Logo Today

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Google Homepage shows Google Balls Logo

On 7th September 2010, the new Google doodle was released and was covered in mystery. The new Google doodle is made of different colors of balls. To get the readers hooked on its homepage, Google today has found a unique way instead of doing other jobs.

In celebration of their birthday, the web giant has shown its latest doodle. At the same time, Google has created few millions of addicts to a simple little game.

The homepage of the Google opens with numerous jumping yellow, red, blue and green balls in place of their famous logo. People go crazy and flee all over the home page when anybody moves the mouse on the tiny balls. Everybody will try to discover that why do the dots flee like they do? at Google’s homepage due to it has turned into the world’s biggest arcade.

Many questions arise in the mind of the people like why are the balls appearing like this and what does it signifies? How many jumping balls are there on the home screen? And similar other questions that are turning people more and more curious about the latest Google Doodle. Shall we call it a “Doodle mania”?

This morning were greeted with a flurry of spheres users visiting the search engine’s home page. The mysterious Google doodle is the third interactive design released by the tech giant.

The discovery of the buckyball’s 25th anniversary was marked by Google on last weekend. The animated logo replaced the logo’s middle O letter with an orange ball. It then formed into the “buckyball”, which is a form of carbon composed of 60 atoms. The logo was rolled out across the world on Saturday to celebrate the quarter of a century since its discovery.

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