Google Chrome is faster than Apple Safari 5 in Mac OS (Chrome 5 vs Safari 5 vs Firefox 3)

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Apple released newer version of Safari Browser – Apple Safari 5 recently. Apple proposing that it’s more faster than other browser like Firefox 3 (3.6.3), Opera 10.53 and Google Chrome 4. Apple Safari 5 now also support for exrensions.But Now benchmarks test proves that Google Chrome 5 is more faster than Apple Safari 5.

Apple claim that Safari 5 is fastest web browser avaiable in Mac OS and faster than Google Chrome 5, Mozilla Firefox 3.6.3, Opera 10.53 and Internet Explorer 8 after launched newer version of safari.

But Reuters and some bloggers refute that. Also Various benchmarks have proven this, in Mozilla’s Dromaeo JavaScript performance test Google Chrome was 2.27 times faster than Safari 5.

Comparisons between Apple Safari 5, Google Chrome 5, Opera 10.53 and Firefox 3.6.4

Apple Safari 5 vs Google Chrome 5 vs Opera 10.53 vs Firefox 3.6.4

Apple’s Safari 5 is quite snappy, and does feel faster than Safari 4. Though Safari’s Nitro JavaScript engine may have a very slight raw performance advantage, the benchmarks we ran show that Apple and the WebKit team certainly have some areas where it can improve—both in JavaScript performance characteristics as well as optimizing performance for animation and other graphics rendering. All this fierce competition among Apple, Microsoft, Google, Mozilla, and Opera for “fastest” browser, though, ultimately benefits all users in the long run.

Screenshot of Apple Safari 5

Apple Safari 5 Screenshot

Usage of browser in May

Microsoft Internet Explorer  – 59.7 %

Mozilla Firefox – 24.4%

Google Chrome  – 7.1%

Apple Safari – 4.8%

Opera  -2.4%


  1. annoying says:

    Apple is trying best to make a difference. Can it beyond the fancy gadgets

  2. Hmm says:

    Not only that, but you said the tests show Chrome is 2.27 times faster than Safari, don’t you mean 2.27%?

  3. nomad says:

    There’s no way Firefox is faster than Safari on a mac, that’s a lie. Safari beats the pants off of Firefox any day of the week but nice try though lol

    Don’t even get me started on Chrome, it will never be anything remotely close to Safari. All Google products are spyware and spamware. 99% of spam is propagated by google.

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