Go Green with BOXX electric Bike

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Go Green!!!! No emissions, no going to the gas station with electric vehicle. Yess…the electric Bike is a perfect solution to reducing carbon and going green. Day by day, pollution is increased due to heavy traffic of more vehicles. It makes city life more tough and complicated. When you want to go around the city, you have a few options but mostly people prefer their own mode of transport that gives them a bit of freedom. Cars are expensive in terms of buying and driving in traffic. Mopeds can be an option but not good one. The Futuristic looking two wheeled electric scooter namely, the BOXX looks like the perfect solution.

The electric vehicle, BOXX has been designed to offer you with an electric bike which can run up to 80 miles on a single charge and reaching a top speed up to 28mph to 35mph. The BOXX measures only 1 meter by 36 inches so that you can store it anywhere. It weighs 120 pounds. As well, this compact electric bike will take up less space than a standard bicycle. It might look a funny but if you have cash and are tremendously tight on space, it is a good alternative for you. The BOXX is designed from the Honda Motocompo and it is basically a small box on wheels that can handle a single passenger from 90 to 300 pounds.

In terms of performance, this electric vehicle comes with amazing feature set for its size including all-wheel drive, anti-lock brakes, drive-by-wire control systems, traction control, LED lighting and an optional heated seat for cold weather. The BOXX operates on a modified laptop battery and plugs into a standard 110-volt electrical outlet. The BOXX’s easily-boxed shape can ship directly to purchasers through UPS. Additionally, it has inbuilt laser projector that creates two 1.5-inch-wide beams on the pavement on each side of the vehicle as a sort of visual safety lane for adjacent vehicles to observe.

The Boxx, made out of aluminum will pack with a cargo bay, a glove box, and an all LED dot lighting system with hazards. The manufacturing of Boxx has been taking at least three years. The unique scooter, Boxx will be available in ten different colors and having a one-hour charging unit as well as 3-year warranty for a little extra cash. The battery range is just 20 miles as standard while recharging the battery will take up to four hours. But no need to worry, there is also optional battery available which can double the range. Also, it has an optional faster charger.

The Boxx scooter is a 100% battery driven electric vehicle and has an innovative transportation design. This year 100 units of Boxx are available as well as you can make reservations for 2013 and 2014 models. So enjoy the new eco-friendly ride with Boxx by making order or buying this year. The price of this electric vehicle may be $3,995.

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