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Facebook provides a range of communication options to its users like you can send someone a message, write on their wall or chat with them. You can access chat through the chat interface in the lower right corner. According to some users of the Facebook, their box for chat is missing on facebook account starting from few hours and it has been never happened before. In the recent time, Facebook Chat Missing Problem is the hot topic over the web.

In lots of computers, Facebook crash is common and many people suppose that Facebook crash is due to infections and viruses. Several people are having that problem right now and saying that for some reasons they do not have the toolbar at the bottom of their screen for Facebook & the chat is missing too. Users of facebook are also asking that how can they get their facebook chat back. There is no supernatural tool that could fix all Facebook problems on globe. Though, here are outlined few problems with their appropriate fixes.

Facebook Chat Problem on Firefox 3.0.11

As per few users report, only on Firefox 3.0.11 they are facing problem when they start chat. This occurs mostly when there is problem in the newer version of Quick Time. In Facebook chat, under options there is little check box given and you have to uncheck it. You can discontinue application crashing on iPhone as well as iTunes by following the below steps.

  • First of all, open Facebook.
  • From the list of registered applications on your system, eliminate “Facebook for iPhone” application.
  • From iPhone, Uninstall Facebook application and reinstall.

In Google Chrome, users had been facing an issue Shockwave Flash plug-in when they tried to record a video on Facebook. However now Adobe Flash is included into Google Chrome’s stable channel so users can freely record and see videos. This functionality eradicated the requirement to install and upgrade Flash Player independently.

Keep in mind the following factors before updating sound drivers:

  • You will not be able to play games on Facebook, if you have corrupted or missing sound drivers in your PC.
  • You must repair your Active-X, Flash and other Registry errors.
  • Your system will work well for games and videos after repairing your Active-X, flash and other registry errors.
  • If you are thinking why Facebook crash is in your system and you want to rapidly fix maximum problems in Facebook then check out one tested tool here which is particularly designed to fix active-x, registry, flash and other general PC problems.

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