EA launched Monopoly, Dead Space 2, Need For Speed games for Apple iOS

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Outside the iPad version of Dead Space 2, Electronic Arts (EA) launched two IPAD versions of Monopoly Need for Speed games for Apple iOS. EA is working on ports of Dead Space 2, Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit, and even an ad-supported, subscription-optional version of Pogo, the company’s casual online games portal.

EA launched Monopoly, Dead Space 2, Need For Speed games for Apple iOS

It becomes hard sometimes to understand the appeal of full-size games shrunk down to Apple handhelds, but despite, iOS games sell. To that point, EA detailed a bunch of new games that will come on the iOS platform, much to the delight of i-Gamers everywhere.

A “Game Nights at the Apple Store” event was hosted by Tokyo’s Apple Store where a slideshow with a surprising amount of information regarding upcoming titles for both the iPhone and iPad have been presented. Some of these have been in the works for a while but this is the first time for many that has been either seen any kind of screenshot or any solid release information. Japanese iPhone site was in attendance that provides some information.

Here is a run down of the new games and some of thoughts on them.

Reckless Racing:

Formerly known as Deliverace game, is a fun arcade-like racer with little cars and some impressive graphics. It was actually well-known as a work-in-progress before the rights were picked up by EA.

NBA Elite 11:

5-on-5 balling will be featured by The iPhone version of the officially licensed NBA. It was slated for this month according to the site. Their games are released by EA on Thursdays. Next up is NBA Elite 11, a 5 on 5 fully licensed basketball game by which advantage of the Retina Display is taken.

Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit:

Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit is Another pint-sized version of a full big console title coming this holiday season.


Pictureka is a timed picture hunt game with pass-and-play multiplayer. Pictureka is an iPad game that sounds like a fast paced version of Where’s Waldo? It comes with pass and play local multiplayer for 2-4 people, and promises an art style that’s both truly engaging and wacky.


This classic board game was also announced as being a Windows Phone 7 game that will be similar on both platforms. The word from is that it’ll feature a “cheating mode”.

EA Sports Active:

EA Sports Active is another iPhone version of the popular console fitness series. It has been suggested that some calorie burning/run tracking software may be included.

Dead Space 2:

The science fiction third-person shooter, coming to rock the big consoles is also being shrunken down to the iPhone.

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