Download Bolt Browser 2.3 for mobiles with HTML5 Audio & Video Streaming

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Bitsream has declared its latest Bolt Browser 2.3. Bitsream has updated its popular BOLT browser with including HTML 5 audio and video streaming. It has the capability to backup bookmarks in the cloud, and a Facebook widget. Check out the following details to aware about its download and features information.

BOLT Mobile Browser

Bolt is the fast mobile browser that quickly and accurately presents Web pages on mobile phones like as they would show on desktop computers. It is compatible with the majority of the world’s 4 billion mobile phones. It contains patented split-screen viewing mode, intuitive keystroke shortcuts and copy/paste functionality. It is user friendly device.

Bolt Browser 2.3 offers easy and faster interaction on your cell phone. Rather than proving a mini simplified version of Internet, Bolt conserves the precise web page layout in its mobile web browser. By downloading this browser in the mobiles, Customers can use Java-based apps on their phones, including BlackBerry, Palm devices with J2ME upport, and some Windows Mobile phones. This browser develops mobile streaming by server-side compression system.

It has advanced feature that you can you can convert all types of powerful Internet devices in your mobile phone. This new browser includes cloud-based backup of customer’s favorites and the addition of to the long international list of famous Flash video sites supported by BOLT.

If you want to download the Bolt Browser 2.3 then go for from your mobile device. It has 11.6 million downloads as its launch back in February 2009. You can also see the complete list of the features at this site.

Features of Bolt Browser 2.3

This latest browser has the following features

Best Streaming Media Support- This new version contains HTML 5 streaming video and audio. It allows the broadest support for streaming video in a mobile browser, through support for the most admired Flash based video sites and all HTML 5 video sites.

New Mobile Widgets– People using any mobile phone takes part in the mobile apps revolution because of BOLT widgets. Bolt 2.3’s widget contains Wikipedia, and dictionary widgets, along with an improved Twitter widget and a brand new Facebook widget.

New Advanced Desktop Features- It has capability to perfectly render Web pages as they were meant to be seen from a PC. It also provides tabbed browsing, password manager, advanced downloading and uploading capabilities and now advanced inline text entry and editing allowing people to enter and edit text directly in Web page forms without opening up a separate text editing window.

Backed up in the Cloud- It has favorite’s backup feature that stores a user’s bookmarks on BOLT’s servers, allowing them to be restored if a user ever needs to change phones for any reason.

Other Features includes:

  • Expanded streaming flash video support. Newly-supported sites include:
  • Backup the favorites to your user account at BOLT Space and restore them back regardless of device, its platform, BOLT type (BOLT or BOLT Lite) and location.
  • Support for Facebook chat and other web-based chat apps.
  • Support for YouTube web apps – search and view videos directly in BOLT


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