Citibank Text Banking Service Launched for Mobile Banking easiness

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With the launch of Citybank Text Banking Service, Citybank now serves all of its mobile banking customers with ease of faster transaction at finger tips.  This news service delivers account updates on demand to citybank and citybank credit card customers in US.

Citybank Text Banking Service

Citi Text Banking represents the newest addition to company’s award-winning US mobile banking platform, Citi Mobile(SM). Citi Mobile includes a downloadable app for iPhone devices and a mobile version of that customers can access from their smartphones’ browser.

Customers can request their account information from mobile with simple text message, and in return they will get requested information in text message. Citi Text Banking provides updates for all Citi credit card accounts and for Citibank accounts linked to a Citibank ATM or Debit card, including checking and savings accounts, home equity lines and loans, personal lines and loans, and mortgages.

The Citibank service is read-only offering BalStmt, and Hist commands sent to its shortcode MyCiti (692484). It also includes the all important Stop function to turn off all text messages and alerts. Citibank isn’t making a big deal of the new option on its website. The text option is now positioned on the mobile page with equal billing with the bank’s iPhone and (other) smartphone options.

Text Banking Commands:

Text this command Here’s what you get
BAL Outstanding balance available credit line
STMT Credit card account details
HIST Recent transactions
MORE More recent transactions (HIST)
COM Full list of commands
NICK Account nickname
HELP Get support—online or by phone
STOP Suspend text banking
STOP ALL Suspend text banking, alerts, or both

Importantly, Citibank does not charge customers any fee for Text Banking. However, carrier text-messaging fees may apply.

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