Chase Credit Card Login page Down Problem still continue

Posted by JohnD on Sep 15, 2010 | 4 Comments

Chase Credit Card Login page is facing problem so it is down since 13 September 2010 and millions of users searching for answers on the internet. People across the country are getting the message “temporarily unavailable,” when they try to Chase online banking and credit card login on the website. Customers of Chase are unable to log into their credit card accounts, due to the online banking service is temporarily down. This small disturbance keeps dozens of people in worry.

Chase Credit Card Login, Chase Credit Card

When consumers log on to Chase website, the message displayed to tell them that at present, the website is down and message is also requesting customers to sign in again later, which shows, Chase is well aware of this problem and working on it to resolve the problem for the consumers. The exact time has not been declared for resolving the problem. According to rumors, “problem lies somewhere in the back-end.”


At present, all people, who have Chase Credit Card, are bent on withdrawing their money due to the Chase Credit Card Login seems posing the problem. People become increasing frenzied about the Chase Credit Card Login so nobody listen the message, which is displayed on the website and everybody is busy in looking for Chase Credit Card Login. According to people, Chase Bank credit card area is also showing the same issue to its users. Users can not get the information about the exact situation and the time frame of salvage of the Chase Credit Card Login.

Chase Bank is a well-known bank in America. Chase Bank contains over 16.5 million online clients and $2 trillion in assets. According to the officials, “the problem is being faced due to some technical issue but as of yet it has not been fixed. The Chase technical personnel are trying to fix the problem but a time has not been specified, when the website will be up and running again.” If customers of the bank want any help or to conduct business, then the bank is urging them to visit the Chase bank branch or call on their toll-free number of 1-800-935-9935.

One customer said, “I agree that all websites are susceptible to occasional outages. A banking site down for nearly 24 hours though is totally unacceptable. I am on the road continually and need access to pay bills etc. A couple of hour outage I can tolerate. This has been going on for around 20 hours though.” “ATMs, branches, and telephone call centers are not affected by the outage, though call center volume has increased,” said Tom Kelly, a Chase spokesman. “The cause of the outage isn’t clear,” Kelly said, “It’s a technical issue that we’re dealing with.

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  1. Paul R Thorpe says:

    Since this is the creditors’ problem, I don’t expect late charges or penalties regarding my account! Keep it right for the consumer please.

  2. SorenW says:

    This is an outrage.
    This is one of the largest financial institutions in the US, and they are not even capable of having a backup system in place?
    Seems to me that too much money has gone to pay bonuses and not in to ensuring the security of their systems.
    As a small business owner, I rely on having up to the minute information from my online banking, something that Chase has been very eager to promote, so now I am loosing revenue.
    Will Chase “Pick up the tab”?
    With all the money that went to the bail out, I think it’s time we demand better rules and oversight.
    Chase’s lack of information demonstrates a sentiment of “We’re so big, so what are you gonna do about it”.
    Enough is enough.

  3. What are you saying? says:

    I would like some answers regarding the problem with Chase. I’m sure your article is informative but I can’t understand what you are trying to say. Learn English!

  4. Bill Peck (W.A,) says:

    I cannot pay my credit card bill by mail because I cannot access the proper channels. It will now we late beause of Chase’s problem and I will be charged interest and late charges. WHAT TO DO?

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