Buy Blockbuster Express and get one free from 1st Sept.

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Blockbuster Express, Buy Blockbuster ExpressThe Blockbuster Express kiosks are offering one DVD exclusively free on buying rental DVD, from 1st September midnight. So the customers should get two DVD in place of one in same rental of one DVD. Enter G219C1 code to get the free one-day rental offer. The NCR Corporation funds, installs and stores the Blockbuster Express kiosks under an agreement with the Dallas-based Blockbuster.

Buy Blockbuster Express offer is beneficial for consumers because they can pay rent of one (One-day rent $1) DVD and get two DVD from Blockbuster Express booths. Again Blockbuster Express kiosks offer this nice offer which has started on midnight September 1st, 2010. Express kiosks offered their first two-for-one special offer on August. 25.


Since 2008, the Blockbuster kiosks have been owned and operated by NCR. Under the brand “The New Release”, the kiosks provide movie rental service. The Blockbuster Express is a totally different business from Blockbuster’s in-store or mail order video rental business. So now Blockbuster provides rental DVDs through in-store, mail order, and kiosks. At Blockbuster Express kiosks has wide collection of new release and catalog DVDs. From conveniently located Blockbuster Express kiosks, nationwide consumers get enjoyment of DVD rentals.

Blockbuster Express (stores and by-mail) is offering exclusively film noir The Killer Inside Me, starring Jessica Alba, Kate Hudson, Simon Baker and Casey Affleck and also latest releases like The Last Song, The Back-up Plan, City Island, Why Did I Get Married Too? and Ghost Writer.

Blockbuster Express is utilizing business model very similar to Redbox’s model. Blockbuster Express offers DVDs through kiosk where customers require paying rent $1.00 for a night. Otherwise the customers can also pay rent of movie DVD through login on their website where you can also find a location of kiosk.

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