Bluehost and Hostmonster Server Down due to Transformer failure

Posted by on Sep 17, 2010 | 10 Comments

Is Bluehost Down ? Is Hostmonster Down ?

Yes, This is true. Bluehost and Hostmonster both are sister site and down since 2 hours (11:00 MDT Provo). This is happen due to explosion in transformers of Prvo Energy. Provo  City are trying to solve this issue as soon as possible.

Clarification of Bluehost/Hostmonster of Server Down

“Transformer exploded near our building and caused a small fire. City power is repairing as we speak.Only one of our data centers has a power outage meaning only some sites are affected.”

They also said that their users can get all emails soon when they goes online. There is no need to worry about emails.

Hostmonster Down, Bluehost Down

You can get more updates from theirs twitter Accounts : ,

UPDATE: After one hour they turned off more data center for the moment and update message on their HelpDesk

You can check from this link :

Message of Bluehost :

The Bluehost Helpdesk is currently unavailable and will be back soon.

There is a complete power outage effecting one of the Bluehost data centers, expected ETA is roughly 1:00 AM Mountain Standard Time.

Provo Power has requested that we shut down power while the transformer is being replaced. They are allowing us to use UPS power for the phone system. The other data center is unaffected by this outage.

We apologize for any inconvenience.


Bluehost and Hostmonster Server are up. All sites are working Properly.


  1. Kommando says:

    Didn’t something like this happen once this year? My service has been intermittent for the past 24 hours. Man they are a pretty sorry hosting company. I am looking into other hosting companies. Any suggestions?

  2. rahul tiwari says:

    yes i try some time open my login id but all time server shutting down error…. any one tell me whats going on there.

  3. kumar says:

    Just one month back i have shifted my 39 websites to blue host and it is now nightmare experience, every day they shows error message. Strongly recommend to not go for Bluehost.

  4. Jimbo says:

    Kommando, are you stupid or what? You use a cheap “A” hosting company giving you the best deal around a few bucks a month and you totally act like like you are paying a thousand a month and expect the world, get a grip, cheap hosting you will have some issues. You want guarantees, buy a dog, they are guaranteed to like you… probably.. no such thing as guarantees in the tech world.

  5. khem raj says:

    I am using hosting of my website with blue host it mostly suffring from downtime problem. Strongly recommend to not go for Bluehost.

  6. For clients re: last night nightmare, Just for safety I will advice a second account

  7. lala says:

    Does Weebly website builder use this server? My weebly website has been down since last night (Fri, Sept 17, 2010).

  8. Chris says:

    Is anyone else’s service still very spotty? I run a forum on hostmonster, and it’s been up and down periodically over the past week…

  9. 48-14 says:

    If anyone is interested I run a very reliable hosting company that’s had no downtime in almost 5 years. It is true that nothing is guaranteed when it comes to anything computer related, but a large company like Bluehost should not be having server issues for almost 3 months. Go on twitter and people are complaining about them every 30 minutes or less.

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