Blio e-Book Reader Review – A tablet-ready eReader from Ray Kurzweil

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K-NFB Reading Technology Inc. has announced its most advanced, flexible, interactive, free Blio e-reading software especially for e-book reader. E-reading application engaged Blio e-Book can be downloaded for any Windows-based devices from the latest formed website Blio is obtainable with a library of full-color; interactive media content and these days’ bestsellers. The latest e-book reader is creation of futurist Ray Kurzweil that offers smooth page transitions, improved panning and zooming, and support for syncing up to five devices, and other. In short time, Blio e-Book software will also ready for tablets and mobile devices.

Blio e-Book Reader Review - A tablet-ready eReader from Ray Kurzweil

Ray Kurzweil, a founder of K-NFB Reading Technology said, “Beginning today, readers of all ages will be able to enjoy a digital reading experience that truly harnesses the power of an e-reader.” Ray Kurzweil is also inventor of the flatbed scanner and character- and speech-recognition technologies. He added, “By providing a full-color, flexible, and interactive experience, Blio redefines the boundaries of the e-book, opening up entirely new categories of multimedia content and, as a result, engaging new groups of readers of e-books.

K-NFB Reading Technology Inc is a joint venture between Kurzweil Technologies and the National Federation of the Blind, the company directed by CEO Ray Kurzweil. K–NFB Reading Technology generates alteration access to print for anybody who has complexity to see or read print such as the blind and learning disabled. They create world-renowned reading software.

The Toshiba Libretto W105 tablet owners have already experienced of the application that ships with the tablet, but now it is available for public use. With Blio application, your e-books catalog will be activated with a familiar library-style arrangement.

From the Blio, you will be able to read a variety of styles such as page at a time, side by side, with intelligent zooming, or even a 3D book view. To read highlighting the text aloud, Blio voice to text support allows to you. Blio also carries direct insertion of notes, highlighting, links, and images to add explanatory text for future reading.

Yet the Blio e-Book software is not fully accessible. It is just available on Windows machine. The company states that they will release an update in next week for helping address some of these concerns that will make more digital books accessible using its Blio platform. The company says that an upcoming update will work with Freedom Scientific’s JAWS screen reader technology for the blind plus Windows text-to-speech abilities.

According to Blio, it will also commence on the iOS platform, making its reader software available to iPhone and iPad owners. The company had also declared formerly that it would use technologies from Nuance to distribute a good text to speech experience.

Moreover, the company is at odds with Feedsbook. Blio has included Feedsbook library into its reader software exclusive of meeting all the conditions of Feedsbook. Blio is attributing to some miscommunications.

Blio e-Book Reader Review - A tablet-ready eReader from Ray Kurzweil

Blio is a software program that offers you to download e-books from its official website, afterward read them on your PC. Through Blio you can take notes and link that note to a particular passage, you can show up words and passages, zoom in and out, and you can research a word or a phrase on Google, Bing, and other services frankly in the Blio interface.

Blio is built-in with GoodReads for easy appraisal and book tracking with a storefront powered by Baker and Taylor. Reader will not faced trouble finding free classics as well as current best sellers for purchase. Books purchased through Blio can be shared with up to five devices Blio supports XPS and ePub formats, check out how to convert ebooks.

Downloading of Blio is totally free and currently accessible for Windows only and Android, iOS, OSX, and Linux versions are scheduled for quick release following the general public release of Blio for Windows.

Blio is incredibly slow. The turn page options were annoying, though the 3D and two page presents were mostly readable. It sounds like they had a major miscommunication with Feedbooks regarding addition in the Blio store. Feedbooks has certain standards like supporting ePUB format directly.

Functions of Blio:

  • Blio imitates printed format of book such as no other e-reader, with presented files in XPS format that allows digital books to settle their original print version. Blio also has the other limited ePub-formatted books.
  • The most advanced text-to-speech technology is available in Blio that using the Nuance Vocalizer. It allows readers to download two lifelike voices (“Samantha” and “Tom”) for hands-free use.
  • For making easy reading and learning, Blio offers unique synchronized highlighting of the words being spoken.
  • Full-media functionality of Blio allows to users to add notes into digital pages, highlight sections and even search for references on websites without leaving their e-book.
  • When you download Bliom, the titles are saved in a personal virtual library, allowing flexible access to content. The library can be easily available from numerous devices, allowing users to begin reading their book on a home PC, then move up where they left off on a netbook or laptop.
  • Upcoming Blio versions will also support tablets and mobile devices and iOS, Android and Silverlight platforms.

Features of Blio:

  • Blio’s BookVault allows you access for all of your content, and download it to your device from anywhere you have an internet connection
  • Various reading views such as text only mode, single page, dual page, tiled pages, or 3D “book view” for realistic page turning
  • Blio allows you sync up to 5 devices so your books can go anywhere
  • Blio presents books in full color, with fonts, pictures, and layout as the publisher intended
  • Insert text, image, or hyperlink notes directly into your content. These are saved, and can be exported to create lists or study materials.
  • ReadLogic mode cleverly zooms to the next logical text block to simplify reading even on the smallest devices.
  • Search for phrases or topics in the included browser, without ever leaving the context of your book
  • Create a modified list of reference websites for one-touch look-up of highlighted phrases.
  • Full support for audio and video set in interactive books
  • For touch-enabled devices, it supports touch interaction

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