AR. Drone Price, Release Date and Specs Unveiled

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Check out the Parrot’s AR Drone (mainly a flying video game) price details, release date, features and specs including youtube video.

Parrot’s AR Drone is principally a flying video game, also known as the first quadricopter that can be controlled by a variety of Apple devices including the an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad. The new AR Drone has been officially priced at $300 and it will be offered to the public on September 9th. AR Drone, as the name goes with Drone missile, is an exclusive looking quadricopter and for purchase, the phone will also be obtainable at a number of outlet stores.


It is one of the first devices of its category, and many are apprehensive to see exactly how easy the device is to control using just your phone. The AR Drone promises to keep the iPhone and iPad users happy by introducing games like virtual battles where the fighter copters are real and the ammunitions are virtual. “The French manufacturer of AR Drone, the copter will allow the users to feel like pilots and they can spend the Labor Day weekend flying around the toy indoors as well as outdoors”, according to the spokesperson of Parrot.

The AR Drone features include two fixed cameras, attached on to either end of it to show and guide the users of the target location of the device. As it is controlled through Wi-Fi, this is a revolutionary device, and is stabilized by onboard computers, which makes it easier to maneuver than radio-controlled devices. The developer says that the devices are compatible indoor and for outdoor. With the battery, Twelve minutes of flight is manageable and this is good enough.

The AR.Drone is easy to fly even for the beginners, as per the reports suggests. It uses four propellers that keep it evenhanded while in air and also has sensors that detect the movements of the user’s fingers and the phone or the iPad.

AR. Drone Price and Release Date

The iPhone-controlled device was probable to cost $500, but you can buy it for just $299 at Public can get the new AR Drone on September 9th. In major urban areas, the product will be available across selected electronic stores.

Photos/pictures of AR Drone

Video of AR.Drone : The Flying Video Game (HD Teaser) from youtube:

Parrot AR.Drone quadricopter flying thing impresses at CES video from youtube:

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