Acer Dual-screen Notebook with Core i5 Processor leaked

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Acer’s Dual-screen traditional Notebook design which comes with Core i5 Processor leaked on 11th September, 2010. TechReviewSource spotted the prototype that would have two 15-inch displays. Two of these displays are of touchscreens one or the other could replace the physical traditional keyboard and trackpad with touch input for both. For special tasks, these screens would support multi-touch and could switch to drawing gestures.

acer dual screen

The details of the system Acer Dual-screen Notebook are scarce but it would run Windows 7 and for now runs on a 2.66GHz Core i5. It seems that Acer is testing a rig that might be powerful enough to do the trick — pictures bequeathed to Tech Review Source purportedly show a 2.67GHz Intel Core i5 processor (likely a Core i5-580M) with dual fifteen-inch multitouch screens, making both the Libretto and MSI’s 7-incher look positively dated by comparison. Instead of incorporating a QWERTY keyboard into the design, as with traditional laptops, the Libretto W100 utilizes one touchscreen for text input while the other acts as a normal display. Past use as a regular laptop, the Libretto W100 holds immense potential for user productivity and third party software developers if they so choose to utilize it.

As per the source, the unit is “still slow and buggy”, so it’s definitely still in its early stages of development. No release date is yet known, but source says Acer is aiming for fall 2011, if the device makes it out of development. Acer dual-screen laptop carries same idea of the Microsoft Courier and the Toshiba Libretto W100 (which has dual 7-inch screens).

According to source, this unusual Acer laptop will be available for sale early next year. The specification of Acer Dual-screen Notebook is likely to be upgraded by the time it ships. Of course, seeing how the Libretto W100′s dual 7-inch screens may be a bit small to many users liking, a large portion of the market is left open for competitors to secure with larger displays. One of the interesting features on the lappy is that you can switch between the screens – as to which one needs to have the keyboard and which one needs to be the actual desktop display screen.

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