Acer Alive app store and digital content platform launched

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Now-a-days, App stores are becoming popular among the people. After Nokia Ovi Store, Acer also launched its new app store, named as Alive digital content platform and app store. content sharing system of Acer and a slew of new hardware introductions are topics in which Acer’s Global press event focused principally although there is one tidbit of software news that appears too important to disregard.

Screenshot of Acer Alive app store and digital content platform:

Acer’s Pre-loaded newfangled, Alive digital content platform will be started by Acer onto its machines. Acer Alive app store includes Acer netbooks, laptops, smartphones and tablets, which is “more than an app store.” The screen will give an idea that this is a desktop-only affair. It seems that an app store is a heart winning. Content will be provided by a cornucopia of partners like 7Digital, Acetrax, Adnkronos, AudioGo, Zinio, Adobe and Intel.

When the stores grow in popularity, the partner’s list will grow or as Acer explains: “This is only the beginning, as alive is open, active and dynamic, thus able to grow and adapt to better meet users’ personal needs.” “When they’ve decided what content they’re interested in, users will be able to purchase it or subscribe to it with one click, after they’ve set up an account.” Person can also see the latest update of Acer through Twitter or Acer’s own Channel concept.

The main five sections will be given, i.e. Listen, Watch, Read, Play and Application. Listen section includes options like music, audiobooks, radios, podcasts and more while “Watch” section consist list of movies, TV channels, TV Series, video podcasts and any other content. Options like E-books, magazines and newspapers will be given through a “Read” section. Customer can play games through a “Play” area. “Applications” section includes popular categories like Business & Finance, Lifestyle & Leisure, Learning, Travel & Navigation, etc.

It is available for free as well as paid content at the UK. This application will run from next month in Italy. Customers can also put a running list of their purchased digital goods in a Library segment just like Steam. Across all Acer consumer devices, Acer will ensure to deliver the store gradually worldwide.

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