Egypt Government Shutdown Internet

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Egypt Government Shutdown Internet
Internet providers have been ordered to shut down all international connections to the internet by the Egyptian government. After watching the youtube video, in which brutal police force shoot a man, Egyptian authorities have blocked internet access and text messaging. Image source: The shut down on Friday was estimated as an unprecedented in the history of internet by an American Company, Renesys which...  Read More

Jonghyun’s New Girlfriend is Shin Se Kyung

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Jonghyun's New Girlfriend is Shin Se Kyung
SHINee’s 21-year-old member, Jonghyun has come into view with his new girlfriend Shin Se-kyung, South Korean’s rising actress. Jonghyun and his girlfriend Shin Se Kyung have been dating from about a month. Jonghyun started relationship with 21 years old actress, Shin Se Kyung before a month that is confirmed by, a Korean online news website. The website also posted photos of Jong Hyun and Shin Se...  Read More

Download Adobe Acrobat X (Acrobat 10): Standard, Pro, and Suite to test Features

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Adobe has launched latest Acrobat document formation software recognized as Adobe Acrobat X. This is the newest edition of the leading software for creating, reading, and managing PDF documents. Download link and Standard, Pro and features of Adobe Acrobat X are mentioned below. First version of Acrobat was launched in 1993. At that time more than 90% of Internet-connected computers have the Adobe Reader installed, and...  Read More

Halo Reach Armor Unlocks youtube Video leaked

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Halo Reach Armor Unlocks youtube Video leaked
Recently a youtube video has been leaked which shows all the armor unlocks in Halo: Reach. You might have seen the video.  Halo Reach Armor Unlocks youtube Video contains lots of spoilers. The video is just over 4 minutes long and shows a walkthrough of the menus for upgrading your Spartan or Elite as well as “Armor Effects”. Consider it a soft-spoiler if you will, something to hold you off until Halo: Reach launches...  Read More

The Tourist Movie Trailer & Preview

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The Tourist Movie Trailer & Preview
‘The Tourist’ is a thriller, romance, drama, movie which will hit on the silver screen on 10th December, 2010 worldwide. Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie are the leading stars in this movie. ‘The Tourist’ is remake of Anthony Zimmer which is French movie. The Director of ‘The Tourist’ is Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck while Julian Fellowes, Christopher McQuarrie, Jeffrey Nachmanoff are...  Read More

Hellcats Show on CW – Cast & Trailer revealed

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Hellcats Show on CW - Cast & Trailer revealed
Get full description of cast and crew, watch trailer video of Hellcats (an American cheerleading, teen drama, and comedy-drama series) Show which has been started from September 8, 2010 on CW. On last Wednesday night, the much awaited American cheerleading college drama series “Hellcats” premiered on CW. The information about Hellcats series and its cast is given in this article. Also watch the Hellcats Show Trailer...  Read More

England Vs Hungary Highlights – England beat Hungary

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England Vs Hungary Highlights - England beat Hungary
Watch all the highlights as England take on Hungary in an International friendly match on 11th August 2010. England beat Hungary by 2-1. Steven Gerrard scored two superb goals as England came back from a goal behind to beat Hungary. England 0 – 1 Hungary A mistake by Michael Dawson let in Zoltan Gera, who feed the ball out wide, the cross was deflected by Phil Jagielka and although Dawson appeared to have hooked...  Read More

Jackie Evancho’s America’s Got Talent Youtube Video is hot sensation of the day

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Jackie Evancho's America's Got Talent Youtube Video is hot sensation of the day
Evancho Jackie, aged 10, was one of those that mark the season of America’s Got Talent underway. The Youtube video of Evancho Jackie’s America’s Got Talent performance has the inevitable comparison to Susan Boyle. The 10-year old girl from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, stunned the audience with her magical voice and is most likely to get the maximum votes for next round’s qualification. Evancho Jackie’s...  Read More

Fall of the republic – Obama’s Video censored from youtube

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One of the most popular movies of Alex Jones, “The Obama Deception: The Mask Comes Off” has been censored following incite of the moment campaign to raise the movie to the top of the major Internet search engines. The film was released, and recently uploaded to the Internet and has been a viral hit. Alex Jones, who is a well known conservative radio host, maintained that the ideas of the documentary were having a...  Read More

Isaiah Mustafa’s responds Old Spice Viral Video

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Isaiah Mustafa's responds Old Spice Viral Video
Isaiah Mustafa’s Old Spice Viral Video hits internet from the past many hours. An outstanding Old Spice ad featuring an intensely manly Isaiah Mustafa have received such positive response that Old Spice has begun producing brief video responses to comments left on the ads on their YouTube channel. The official Old Spice replies come in the form of brief video clips of Mustafa replying to the commenter with as much...  Read More