Vinod Juneja blogspot declared MDU Rohtak Results 2010

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MDU (Maharshi Dayanand University), Rohtak Results 2010 have been declared and published at its new blog site aka as Vinod Juneja blogspot. The results of LL.B SEMESTER SYSTEM and B.E./B.TECH 8TH SEM that held in December 2009 by the Maharshi Dayanand University, Rohtak has been declared today on August 11 2010. While the The LL.B. semester system examination and B.E./B.TECH. 8th semester examination...  Read More

Alagappa University DDE Results 2010 Announced on

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Alagappa University DDE Results 2010 Announced on
Today on 5th July, 2010 Directorate of Distance Education Examination Results 2010 has been declared by Alagappa University. Students will get their result on the official website of the Alagappa University at ( The results of following exams have been published by Alagappa University, Directorate of Distance Education. M.Sc. Chemistry & Physics Master of Arts (MA) History, HA, Education Master...  Read More

Cryptozoology is to study about Bigfoot and such Mystry

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Recently, a mountain highway symbol warns of Bigfoot that calling for extra caution on Highway 243 in Mountain Center that close to where the route branches off from Highway 74 for the last four miles up to Idyllwild. A warning of Bigfoot sign is danger comparatively the hazards depicted on Caltrans’ yellow-diamond signs, for example falling rocks, slippery turns and deer darting across mountain highways. On the...  Read More

Don’t Avoid School – New Head Lice Recommendations

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Don't Avoid School - New Head Lice Recommendations
Head lice are a common, contentious and exasperating problem for parents and teachers throughout the school year. Recently, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) issued new recommendations saying that children with lice should be permissible to stay in school. According to the organization, keeping lice-infected children home from school is a waste of time and ineffective at stopping spread. Lice could affect school-aged...  Read More

Former ESPN Producer Leah Siegel Died of cancer

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Former ESPN Producer Leah Siegel Died of cancer
On July 26, former ESPN Producer Leah Siegel died of breast cancer about at 4.30 a.m. She was the mother of three kids. She died only at the age of 43. She was the daughter of former Washington Post reporter Myra MacPherson and the late Washington-based sports columnist Morris Siegel. Since 2008 Siegel’s battle with the disease was chronicled. Her family wrote on the blog Monday that two observances are planned:...  Read More

Secrets Of Mona Lisa Painting Revealed

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The Mona Lisa painting is one of the most mysterious pieces of artwork and the enigmatic smile remains a mystery. In the painting, the smile given by the woman has been endlessly analyzed, and the meaning behind the painting has been debated. Many secrets have been revealed to the famous Mona Lisa painting by Leonardo Da Vinci. Recently, a group of French researchers have studied seven different paintings that were created...  Read More

Extra Virgin olive oil may not real

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Extra Virgin olive oil may not real
A recent study by researchers from the University of California shows that many of the olive oils that claim to be “extra virgin” are not the top-grade, extra-virgin oils their labels proclaim. According to a study, two-thirds of the extra-virgin oil found in California grocery stores did not meet international and U.S. standards. Some of the extra-virgin oil was infected with lower-quality oils and other had defective...  Read More

Pear shaped Women have memory problems

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Pear shaped Women have memory problems
Fat deposited around the hips could increase a woman's risk of suffering memory loss. US researchers have found that a woman’s body shape could affect on her memory : ” pear-shaped women (bootylicious) are more likely to have memory problems in later life than apple shapes” Scientists studied 8745 women aged 65 to 79 who were given scores out of 100 after taking a mental test. According to the findings,...  Read More

Body Shape Is linked to Mind Powers

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Body shape and the distribution of fat are both associated with mind powers based on the research from Northwestern Medicine. Obesity is always considered harmful but the body shape in women also plays a role in overall mental functioning and in loss of memory. Scientists claim that the more weighs, the worse is her memory. Also, the facts proved that pear-shaped women, who carry excess fat around their hips, are more...  Read More

Lorcaserin – New Diet Pill That works

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Lorcaserin - New Diet Pill That works
A New Diet Pill, Lorcaserin appears to be showing promise in clinical trials. A study found that the diet pill helped about half the people who tried to reduce their weight, without any side effect. Researchers say, An Experimental weight loss drug has been invented that targets the brain’s hunger center, shown to be safe and effective for helping dieters. Most of the consumers are tired by consuming new and unproven...  Read More