Unemployment benefits Extension Bill hold till Tuesday

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Unemployment benefits Extension Bill hold till Tuesday
The late Sen. Byrd’s West Virginia seat is scheduled to be filled by the appointee after 2:15 p.m. on Tuesday till then, the Senate would not be taking a cloture vote on the bill to extend federal unemployment benefits. The name of that appointee is supposed to be announced on 16 July by West Virginia Gov. Joe Manchin. That is expected, that appointee is to give the 60th vote to the Senate, which is required to...  Read More

No-fault divorce Approved in New York

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In New York, a marriage can be easily ended, State legislators are making it easier. Lawmakers approved some version of no-fault divorce on Thursday, with this act, couples will be allowed to split without one of the spouses taking the blame for the marriage’s failure. New York judges can grant divorce only on the basis of cruelty, adultery, abandonment or getting sent to prison for at least three years, under the...  Read More

Debit-Card Fees will be Slashed Soon

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Credit-card companies charges the “swipe fees” to merchants for every debit-card transaction. This week, Congress is finalizing the financial-overhaul legislation so that retailers get a long-sought victory by slashing the “swipe fees“. If this legislation will pass to slash the debit transaction fees of merchants, then U.S. customers pay lower prices for goods. With the European Union’s...  Read More

California Election Results 2010 : Primary Election 2010 Result

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The California primary election 2010 for Senate and governor became largely as expected on tuesday night. Temporary results for The California Primary Elections 2010 are published. These elections results are very close estimation but don’t forget this there california election results 2010 are not the accurate and final results. Meg Whitman has spent $70M for this campaign and Steve Poizner spent $25M in California...  Read More

Blanche Lincoln wins for Senate in Arkansas

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Blanche Lincoln wins for Senate in Arkansas
On 8 June, 2010 Tuesday night, after barely slipping into a run-off with challenger Bill Halter, Embattled Democratic Sen. Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas closely won nomination to a third term with more than 50% of the vote. To win a runoff for Arkansas’ Democratic Senate nomination, Sen. Blanche Lincoln has fended off a union-backed challenger and anti-establishment sentiment. In the Senate, Lincoln has spent 12...  Read More

Obama Needs to take Valium : Republicans Says

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President Obama met with Senate Republicans in private meeting on Capitol Hill, as an attempt to see what could be done in this heated election year. “We want to see if we can get some more work done,” Obama told reporters. Kansas Senator Pat Roberts described Obama  as “pretty thin-skinned” to the media right after the event. Roberts said “He needs to take a Valium before he comes in and...  Read More

Sweeping Wall Street reform bill advances in Senate

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WASHINGTON, May 20 (Reuters) – The U.S. Senate was expected by the end of the week to approve the biggest overhaul of financial regulations since the 1930s after the measure finally cleared a procedural hurdle on Thursday. The legislation is one of President Barack Obama’s top domestic priorities. If passed, it would increase restrictions on the banking industry and some say reduce profits. After the Senate...  Read More