Swine flu in Bhubaneswar – 2 Died

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Swine flu in Bhubaneswar - 2 Died
Once again all the people are frightened because of swine flu. It spread in and around the Bhubaneswar city which results in death. It was reported that four were found positive for swine flu out of ten samples sent from different hospitals. Recently, a young Software Engineer became the victim of this dangerous disease and died due to H1N1 at the SCB Medical College & Hospital in Cuttack. Now, the situation is that...  Read More

Alex Jones’s Brain Eating Vaccine : Conspiracy Theory & Review

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The man behind the film “The Obama Deception”, Alex Jones is back on top of the Google Mountain with another penetrating expose on what he calls “Brain Eating Vaccines. The “media establishment”, the theory as described by Paul Joseph Watson at Prison Planet and the scientific dictatorship is planning to promote a brain-eating vaccine that virtually reduces stress and produces a state of calm. Alex...  Read More

NTRUHS Results 2010 for NTR University Of Health Sciences announced

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NTRUHS stands for Dr. NTR University of Health Science where students get their result of the-NR/OR exams 2010. The result has been finally declared, checkout it on the official website of NTRUSH. Students may not get result at first trail due to heavy load on the site. So, they have to try again and again to get their result. For results, just enter the Hall Ticket Number in the given box and click on ‘submit’ button....  Read More

Peru In An Emergency over cold weather

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Due to cold weather a state of emergency in more than half of the country has been declared by the Peruvian government. At this time of year, the temperatures regularly drop below zero centigrade which inversely affects to most of the area in the south. On the other hand, this time temperatures have dropped to as low as 24C. A regional authorities can dip into emergency funds to provide medicine, blankets and shelter...  Read More

Did Desiree Jennings Fake a Muscle Disorder?

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Did Desiree Jennings Fake a Muscle Disorder?
The 25-year-old Washington Redskins Cheerleader Ambassador, Desiree Jennings is suffering from Muscle Disorder. She struggles with her daily activities including walking, talking and even eating. In medical term it is referred as Dystonia symptom. Jennings had a marketing job in a large company. She was eager runner and cheerleading ambassador for the football team Washington Redskins. Desiree Jennings married with handsome,...  Read More

MiraLAX Recall over packing issue

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MiraLAX Recall over packing issue
Due to unsecured and incorrectly sealed caps, Schering-Plough HealthCare Products, Inc. quietly issued a product recall on last Thursday for its over-the-counter laxative MiraLAX. MiraLAX, a Polyethylene Glycol 3350 is a treatment for constipation. Recalled products from the company include MiraLAX Laxative Power (30-day dose, 17.9 oz.) which has a UPC (barcode) of 4110082071 and MiraLAX Laxative Powder (30 day dose,...  Read More

Body Shape Is linked to Mind Powers

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Body shape and the distribution of fat are both associated with mind powers based on the research from Northwestern Medicine. Obesity is always considered harmful but the body shape in women also plays a role in overall mental functioning and in loss of memory. Scientists claim that the more weighs, the worse is her memory. Also, the facts proved that pear-shaped women, who carry excess fat around their hips, are more...  Read More

Lorcaserin – New Diet Pill That works

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Lorcaserin - New Diet Pill That works
A New Diet Pill, Lorcaserin appears to be showing promise in clinical trials. A study found that the diet pill helped about half the people who tried to reduce their weight, without any side effect. Researchers say, An Experimental weight loss drug has been invented that targets the brain’s hunger center, shown to be safe and effective for helping dieters. Most of the consumers are tired by consuming new and unproven...  Read More

Amgen osteoporosis drug Approved by FDA

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Amgen osteoporosis drug Approved by FDA
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration have approved the Amgen’s osteoporosis drug on Tuesday, 1st June. Previously, the drug has received European approval last week. Amgen’s osteoporosis drug, Prolia is prepared to help prevent fractures in postmenopausal women. It is an injectable treatment for postmenopausal women who are at high risk for fractures due to osteoporosis. FDA Approved Amgen osteoporosis drug Amgen...  Read More