Anne Sluti’s Missing story

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Anne Sluti's Missing story
Anne Sluti, innocent girl missed from Kearney, Nebraska before nine year. Then, the 17 year old Anne was learned to be kidnapped. After six days of kidnapping, Anne Sluti was saved and then the kidnapper Anthony Steven Wright was sentenced to life for the Sluti abduction. Afterward, the television movie “Taken in Broad Daylight” was produced last year on the basis of the story of teenager Anne Sluti’s...  Read More

Eduardo Saverin’s lawsuit put Facebook’s future in dark

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Eduardo Saverin's lawsuit put Facebook's future in dark
Duardo Saverin is co-founders of Facebook Along with his best friend Mark Zuckerberg . He has 5% share of Facebook, worth US$1.1 billion as of May 13, 2010. With the co-operation of both this friends Social Network site got huge success. Eduardo Saverin has invested startup capital for the site. But now he made a claim on his best friend and his partner Mark Zuckerberg to cheat him about his fair share in the company....  Read More

V103 Atlanta radio station talks about Bishop Eddie Long Lawsuit

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V103 Atlanta radio station talks about Bishop Eddie Long Lawsuit
On V103 Atlanta radio station, Frank and Wanda talks about the lawsuit against Bishop Eddie Long. V103 Atlanta radio station is the local radio station during morning at 8AM show which is presented by Frank and Wanda. Before discussing the Bishop Eddie Long topic it would be better to get the children off to school first. Frank is a member of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church which is run by Bishop Eddie Long in Lithonia...  Read More

Emami Ltd’s lawsuits on Dabangg for using Zandu balm

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Emami Ltd's lawsuits on Dabangg for using Zandu balm
Emami Ltd’s has filed legal notice against Dabangg’s filmmaker for using name Zandu balm without permission in the song “Munni Badnaam hui”. On one hand Dabangg movie producer is enjoying the stupendous hit of the movie whereas on another hand he is facing sue of Zandu balm matter. The song line “Main Zandu balm hui, darling tere liye” does not appear to have well with the manufacturers. Emami...  Read More

Onida Advertising makes Nokia annoyed

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Onida Advertising makes Nokia annoyed
In the recent, a television commercial has been unveiled by the Onida mobile that makes Nokia annoyed by using some punchline in Hindi language: ‘Dimaag Nahi Hai Tabhi To No Kiya’. Nokia is the largest handset maker in the world. Currently it has taken offence against new television advertisement that targets the Finnish company heads on. ‘Dimaag Nahi Hai Tabhi To No Kiya’, goes the punchline playing upon Nokia...  Read More

Koch Industries & Climate Change actions

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The US oil company, Koch Industries is owned and operated by Charles G. Koch and David H. Koch. Koch companies, the Koch family and their foundations have been publicly devoted to making the world a better place for over 40 years. Billionaire oilman David Koch likes to joke that Koch Industries is “the biggest company you’ve never heard of.” However, David Koch and his brother Charles have donated nearly...  Read More

Fantasia barrino hospitalized after aspirin overdose – Antwaun Cook breakup shock?

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Fantasia barrino hospitalized after aspirin overdose - Antwaun Cook breakup shock?
After swallowing a mixture of aspirin and a sleep aid, “American Idol” alum Fantasia Barrino, 26, has been hospitalized. According to local source, the 26-year-old R&B singer was rushed by ambulance to Carolinas Medical Center-Pineville in her hometown of Charlotte, North Carolina, at about 8:55 p.m. Monday evening. According to the statement reported by TMZ, Fantasia ingested the medication after feeling “overwhelmed...  Read More

Teresa Giudice to appear on ‘The View’

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Teresa Giudice to appear on 'The View'
On Monday, Teresa Giudice made an appearance on The View. On ‘The View’, she talks about her messy financial situation and admitted that for a long time, her husband Joe kept her in the dark about their massive debt. In October 2009, Teresa Giudice and her husband filed for Bankruptcy citing $11 million worth of debt. On Aug. 22, 2010, it was announced that Giudice will put her lavish mansion’s contents...  Read More

Ann Kirsten Kennis filed Lawsuit

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Ann Kirsten Kennis filed Lawsuit
Ann Kirsten Kennis filed a $2 million lawsuit against ‘the American indie rock band’. Ann Kirsten Kennis was the former model who retired in 1983. On the cover of their album, Contra, they used her image without her permission that’s why she claims on that band. In Los Angeles’ Superior Court, She filed legal papers on 14th July 2010, alleging that her signature was forged on photographer Tod Brody’s...  Read More