Records of remittances sent to India in 2012

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Records of remittances sent to India in 2012
There are many Indians who live in different countries like US, Malaysia, Singapore, Gulf countries, etc. World Bank has published the report that Overseas Indians have sent the highest amount of foreign currency in India in 2012. As per the reports of World Bank, India has become the biggest recipient of global remittances in the world by receiving $69 billion in the year of 2012! Main cause of high value of remittances...  Read More

Upcoming Debit cum credit cards will replace Credit Cards and Debit cards

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Upcoming Debit cum credit cards will replace Credit Cards and Debit cards
Whether you want to book online tickets for movie, railway journey, air travel, etc. or want to do online shopping on different e-commerce sites, one most important thing you need to have with you is nothing but your credit/debit card and its password. Nowadays, it has become a trend or you can say need to have more than one credit/debit cards. With multiple credit/debit cards, it becomes little bit difficult to remember...  Read More

Meet Largest Family in The World

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Meet Largest Family in The World
Have you ever heard that a man has 39 wives? The amusing tale is certainly right for Ziona Chan who lives happily in the hilly village Baktawng of Mizoram with his 39 wives, 94 children and 33 grandchildren under one roof. Ziona Chan’s family with 167 members may be the largest family in the India and also in the world. The 66-year-old, Ziona Chan is living in a 100-room, four-storey building named Chhuan That Run...  Read More

Chevrolet to launch Camaro in India Soon

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General motors’s brand Chevrolet will launch its catchy sports car Camaro in India’s auto market after launch of Koenigsegg, Ferrari and Maserati’s sport cars. Chevrolet Camaro was already introduced last year in Auto Expo. The World Car Design of the Year award winning sports car, Chevrolet Camaro comes with its iconic look in India. Image source: from flickr, by Fabio Aro A muscle car, Chevrolet Camaro...  Read More

DRDO lost top 20 Scientists In last 6 Months

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In last 6 Months, DRDO (Defense Research and Development Organization) has lost top 20 scientists. Top 20 scientists quit their jobs due to the growth of private and IT sectors. Private and IT sectors hire scientists in a big way so to get better opportunities and remuneration the scientists are turning their concentration towards them. Within 3 years from 2008-2011, DRDO has lost 285 scientists.  Read More → Read More

Zebronics launched ZEB-A15.6 LED monitor

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Zebronics launched ZEB-A15.6 LED monitor
TopNotch Infotronix India Pvt. Ltd is leading provider of Zebronics Brand products and accessories for consumer Electronics computers, and Communication. Currently, it has introduced latest ZEB-A15.6 Led monitor with 1 year warranty. The latest led monitor is equipped with silky finish. It also comes with vibrant integrated speakers, which will definitely attract music lovers. Image courtesy: It...  Read More

Kareena’s new book on weight loss “Women and the Weight Loss Tamasha”

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Kareena's new book on weight loss
Two ‘F’s are more valuable for Kareena Kapoor aka Bebo that is friendship and fitness. In short time, Kareena Kapoor will launch a new book about weight loss on January 15 entitled “Women and the Weight Loss Tamasha”, therefore she will come Mumbai from Switzerland. Kareena’s fitness trainer, Rujuta Diwekar is author of this book. Image source: Westland Ltd is publisher of the book. According...  Read More

SBI has raised interest rates on FD

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On Monday Dec 6 Interest rates on fixed Deposit (FD) has been gained up to 150 basis points with maturities ranging from 15 days to 10 years upwards by India’s largest state-owned banking and financial services company, SBI (State Bank of India). Now, deposit-holders will get better returns than previous on fixed deposit in the bank. Photo by flickr, Pete Gibbons The new rates have been effective from Tuesday Dec 7....  Read More

Heavy rains forecast today in Chennai

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Heavy rains forecast today in Chennai
Today heavy rain has beat-up normal life of coastal areas of the state, including Chennai, Nagapattinam and Trichy. The weather forecast calls for more showers in the next 48 hours over coastal areas of Tamil Nadu. Due to the heavy rain, over 150 people were killed and many others injured in the coastal areas of Tamil Nadu on 5th December, 2010. The main cause of the heavy rains is the low pressure trough in the Bay...  Read More

What is Chipko Andolan Movement in India?

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The word ‘Chipko’ means “to stick” or “to cling”. Chipko Andolan or Movement is a socio-ecological movement that practiced the Gandhian methods of Satyagraha and non-violent resistance. It is the main technique to throw the arms around the tree trunks, which are selected to be cut and refusing to move. Villagers of the Himalayan foothills of Uttar Pradesh organized the Chipko Andolan or Chipko movement...  Read More