Carnival Splendor Cruise Ship Stranded After Fire

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A Carnival Splendor Cruise Ship hit by an engine fire is eventually on the move as tugboats begin towing it towards California. When the blaze broke out on Monday morning, the Carnival Splendor was 200 miles (310km) south of San Diego, said owners Carnival Cruise Lines. With 4,500 passengers, a cruise ship stranded offshore. Crew must be towed slowly into a Mexican port and will not come out till at least Wednesday night,...  Read More

Vivek Oberoi’s Marriage with Priyanka Alva – Photos

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Vivek Oberoi's Marriage with Priyanka Alva - Photos
Today in Bangalore Bollywood actor Vivek Oberoi tie the knot with his fiancée Priyanka Alva. Priyanka Alva is the daughter of late Karnataka minister Jeevaraj Alva and danseuse Nandini Alva. Priyanka is a management graduate from London. Today morning the marriage puja will be started at Priyanka Alva house before moving to the Chancery Pavilion. After getting married with his fiancée Priyanka Alva today, Vivek Oberoi...  Read More

Vanquish Pangloss Statue: Walkthrough & Locations Guide

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Vanquish Pangloss Statue: Walkthrough & Locations Guide
Get the Vanquish Pangloss statue walkthrough and location guide detail to play the game very easily. Vanquish is great third-person shooter video game, which has been released on 19th October, 2010. It is developed by Platinum Games and published by Sega for the Xbox 360. The game is equipped with total 5 locations, in which you will get up to 20 missions for playing the game. The latest sci-fi shooter game is directed...  Read More

Mole Day 2010 to Promote Chemistry Interest in Students

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23rd October is a Mole Day, a celebration of chemistry that is created by a Wisconsin chemistry teacher to promote interest of chemistry in students. This year Mole Day will be celebrated on Saturday, 23 October 2010. Moles of the Caribbean is theme for Mole Day 2010. Mole Day is celebrated on October 23 every year between 6:02 a.m. and 6:02 p.m on the honor of Avogadro’s Number (6.02 x 10^23), which is a basic...  Read More

Jennifer Lopez’s Twins Model for New Gucci

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Jennifer Lopez's Twins Model for New Gucci
Adorable kids of famous Hollywood star Jennifer Lopez have made their debut in modeling, world of glamour and fashion for children’s new clothing line of Gucci‎. Twins of Jennifer Lopez, Max and Emme are two-and-a-half-year-old and following the footsteps of their 40-year-old mother. For a shoot on the beach, Jennifer Lopez’s twins wore Gucci’s finest kiddies’ threads alongside their mother. Max...  Read More

Who’s The Cutest search in “I’m Feeling Lucky” surprises users

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This time Google, a giant search engine brings surprise to all its users. Its fun, when you will go on Google home page at, type “Who’s the cutest?” and then click on “I’m feeling lucky” button. Once again, Google has introduced new technology that can be enjoyed by everyone, such as the next Google TV. Google Doodle has a tradition of introducing novel and entertaining doodles over and over...  Read More

Gabriel Iglesias on Conan premiere

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Gabriel Iglesias on Conan premiere
American television host, comedian, and producer, Onan O’Brien confirmed his upcoming show titled “Conan” on TBS which will be premiered on November 8, 2010. Conan is an American late-night talk show that hosted by Conan O’Brien. As guest, Gabriel Iglesias will also star role in the Conam. The 34-year-old, Gabriel Iglesias is famous for his loud aloha shirts, animated story telling and funny impersonations. San...  Read More

NBC’s Outsourced TV Show Spoilers, Cast & Trailer Unveiled

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NBC's Outsourced TV Show Spoilers, Cast & Trailer Unveiled
TV Show, Outsourced telecasted on Thursday night, 23 September 2010, on NBC at 9:30 EST. Outsourced is the half-hour comedy show. Ben Rappaport, Diedrich Bader, Rebecca Hazlewood and Anisha Nagarajan are stars of this show. The character Charlie is the face of the ugly, ignorant American, the opposite of the naive but evolving Todd. “Outsourced” was the name of a 2006 film, which was made in Canada that an audience...  Read More

HP unveil HP TouchSmart 310, HP TouchSmart tm2 and Omni100 Desktop PC

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HP unveil HP TouchSmart 310, HP TouchSmart tm2 and Omni100 Desktop PC
HP has unveiled three new all-in-one PCs today, including the HP TouchSmart 310, HP TouchSmart tm2 convertible notebook and the HP Omni100 desktop. With the latest evolution of touch experience, HP has announced the redesigned HP TouchSmart310 desktop PC that features a sleek, appealing new form and the most advanced version of HP‘s exclusive TouchSmart software to date. Also, the HP has launched the new HP TouchSmart...  Read More

Cinnamon Challenge is dangerous – Do not try at home

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Cinnamon Challenge is dangerous - Do not try at home
Cinnamon is a spice and aphrodisiac that found from the evergreen genus Cinnamomum trees’ inner bark. Cinnamon is mostly used in both sweet and savoury foods. But use of Cinnamon is being dangerous challenge today. This daring challenge is spreading around on the internet and large numbers of people are searching for the word Cinnamon Challenge. This challenge can be very harmful to try, so do not try at home. The...  Read More