Anorexic model Isabelle Caro Died at 28

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Anorexic model Isabelle Caro Died at 28
French model, Isabelle Caro died at the age of 28 on 17 November. She was suffering from anorexia disease when she was thirteen years old. According to Le Parisien newspaper report, her family wants to keep her death private. The exact reason of her death is not disclosed yet but she had been hospitalized for respiratory problems. Her funeral ceremony was held in Paris in November. According to Caro’s acting coach,...  Read More

“Glee” Season 2 Premiere 2010 – Meet the Charice & Other Casts

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After the success of season one, the award-winning American musical comedy-drama TV series “Glee” has renewed for second season by Fox. The Glee Season 2 Premiered on Tuesday, September 21 at 8pm on FOX in the United States. This season will consist of 22 episodes. Get the “Glee” Season 2 cast including Charice & Other Casts and premiere episode details below. “Glee” is American musical...  Read More

Giant Goldfish of 30 pounds weight Photos Revealed

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Giant Goldfish, 30 pounds weight, has been recently caught in the south of France. This giant Goldfish surprised everybody, but some people thought that the picture of the giant Gold fish is a Photoshop trick. The weight of giant Goldfish (30 pounds) has been confirmed by few spectators. The monster fish was caught by Angler Raphael Biagini. When Angler Raphael Biagini saw this fish, he could not believe his own eyes....  Read More

Arsenal Vs Blackpool 2010 match Prediction

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On 21st August, 2010 Arsenal Vs Blackpool 2010 match kicks off at 15:00 BST (UK time) and 10:00 EST at the Emirates Stadium in London, England. This match is one of the biggest and most exciting games of football for a majority of their fans. Today, Arsenal and Blackpool have both faced each other later on in their first home game of the new season. Newly promoted Blackpool is coming off impressive opening week win as...  Read More

Former ESPN Producer Leah Siegel Died of cancer

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Former ESPN Producer Leah Siegel Died of cancer
On July 26, former ESPN Producer Leah Siegel died of breast cancer about at 4.30 a.m. She was the mother of three kids. She died only at the age of 43. She was the daughter of former Washington Post reporter Myra MacPherson and the late Washington-based sports columnist Morris Siegel. Since 2008 Siegel’s battle with the disease was chronicled. Her family wrote on the blog Monday that two observances are planned:...  Read More

Secrets Of Mona Lisa Painting Revealed

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The Mona Lisa painting is one of the most mysterious pieces of artwork and the enigmatic smile remains a mystery. In the painting, the smile given by the woman has been endlessly analyzed, and the meaning behind the painting has been debated. Many secrets have been revealed to the famous Mona Lisa painting by Leonardo Da Vinci. Recently, a group of French researchers have studied seven different paintings that were created...  Read More

Flash floods Killed 19 in Var department in southern France

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Flash floods Killed 19 in Var department in southern France
At least 19 people were killed and 12 still missing at back hills of the French Riviera near France’s Mediterranean coast. Heavy rain converted streets into the rivers of muddy waters. Hundreds of people forced to take shelter on roofs and many trapped in their floating vehicles due to unusual heavy rain in the Var region. The floods swept away cars, trees and parts of houses in a downpour that devastated the picturesque...  Read More