Swimsuit Pageant 2010 contestant Carrie Keagan hot Photos revealed

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Swimsuit Pageant 2010 contestant Carrie Keagan hot Photos revealed
The contestant of the Swimsuit Pageant 2010, Carrie Keagan revealed her hot Photos.A panel of juries includes celebrities and well known fashion photographers judged the Hooters Swimsuit Pageant 2010 contestants. On the basis of public votes they were shortlisted. Dan Cortese hosted the high-flying and famous Hooter Swimsuit Pageant 2010. In this event, super sexy females were pageant in swimsuits. At this event an impressive...  Read More

What is prader willi syndrome?

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What is prader willi syndrome?
Prader-Willi syndrome is a complex genetic condition which affects many parts of the body. According to the survey, Prader-Willi syndrome affects an estimated 1 in 10,000 to 25,000 people. The symptoms of prader willi syndrome are weak muscle tone (hypotonia), feeding difficulties, poor growth, and delayed development. Beginning in childhood, affected individuals develop an insatiable appetite and chronic overeating (hyperphagia)....  Read More

Prader Willi syndrome are caused by a defect in the hypothalamus

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Prader Willi syndrome is a rare genetic disorder, causing life threatening obesity in many different children. It is a congenital (present from birth) disease related with an abnormality of 15th chromosome, results in a number of physical, mental and behavioral problems. This disease was first identified by Swiss doctors A. Prader, H. Willi and A. Labhart in 1956. It is supposed that symptoms related with Prader-Willi...  Read More

Nicki Minaj’s ‘Your Love’ Video released

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Nicki Minaj's 'Your Love' Video released
Nicki Minaj released new Video entitled ‘Your Love’. In this video, Nicki Minaj Continues Trend of Dying at the End. The 25-year-old rapper has now released a video to the Annie Lennox-sampled tune, which is now a Billboard Number 1 hit, the first by a female rapper in eight years. New female rap sensation Nicki Minaj released the new music video (below) for her song “Your Love” on MTV. “Your Love”...  Read More

2010 ESPY Winners Announced – Check out Winner List

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2010 ESPY Winners Announced - Check out Winner List
On 14th July, 2010, the 18th annual ESPY Awards ceremony took place at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles and telecasted on ESPN live. American cable television network ESPN created the Award event and was celebrated every year to give honor to the excellent performance in sports during the calendar year. Seth Meyers, SNL’s Weekend Update anchor, hosted the ESPY Awards 2010 ceremony which celebrates the best sports stories...  Read More

SyFy Haven Tv Show Spoilers Revealed

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On Friday, July 9, Syfy brings a new TV series called Haven based on a 2005 King novella called “The Colorado Kid,” which dealt with the mystery of a body found on a small island off the coast of Maine. The Haven tv show is touted as being based on the Stephen King story The Colorado Kid, a 2005 hard-boiled mystery novella, but an “inspired by” banner would have been more appropriate. Noirish...  Read More

Caster Semenya Allowed to Compete as a Female Runner

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Caster Semenya Allowed to Compete as a Female Runner
On July 6th, the IAAF allowed Semenya to compete as a female runner as early as the Junior Word Championships which will be held in Canada this month. The results of the gender tests, however, will not be released for privacy reasons. 19 year old girl whose name is Mokgadi Caster Semenya born on 7 January, 1991. She is a South African middle-distance runner and world champion. Semenya won gold in the women’s 800...  Read More