Macaulay Culkin on his 30th Birthday – Photos with His wife

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Hollywood movie, Home Alone’s child star, Macaulay Culkin has celebrated his 30th birthday on yesterday, August 26th. Formerly Macaulay Culkin was ranked as second in respective lists of VH1’s 100 Greatest Kid-Stars of and E!’s 50 Greatest Child Stars. Macaulay Culkin started career in acting since his fourth year. Then he continued appearing in roles on stage, television, and in films. At the age of 9, he starred...  Read More

Nicole Alexander(Hoopz) & Shaquille O’Neal engaged

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Nicole Alexander(Hoopz) & Shaquille O'Neal engaged
A former contestant and winner of VH1 reality television series “Flavor of Love and I Love Money” Nicole Alexander and Shaquille O’Neal, a four time NBA champion were engaged. Nicole got nickname, Hoopz, on Flavor of Love. According to the reports that spreading worldwide on the web, on last Monday night, Shaq proposed to “Hoopz” in St. Louis. Is this true or just a rumor to know read the following information. Nicole...  Read More

Kat Von D Dating Jesse James

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American tattoo artist, Kat Von D declared on social networking website Twitter on Wednesday that she is dating with Sandra Bullock’s ex-husband Jesse James. Both were seen as sharing dinner and holding hand at Las Vegas on last Saturday night. After spreading news about her date on internet, Kat quickly removed the message about it from Twitter. The 41 year old, Jesse James is famous as motorcycle mogul. He has already...  Read More

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World Review- Story about Ramona Flowers & Seven Evil

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Scott Pilgrim vs. the World Review- Story about Ramona Flowers & Seven Evil
Scott Pilgrim vs. the World’ is the movie story about Ramona Flowers & Seven Evil. It is either the most authentic coming-of-age love story that has been told about kids who grew up with 8-bit video games or a movie that will leave you screaming, “Death to hipsters!” Directed by Edgar Wright, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World is a comedy film based on the comic book series Scott Pilgrim by Bryan Lee O’Malley....  Read More

Hard Knocks Season 6 Spoilers & Episode Guide

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NFL Films produced Hard Knocks is a reality sports documentary television series. New York Jets (2010) is the 6th season of Hard Knocks. The Jets will be the subject of the popular HBO series “Hard Knocks,” which chronicles the behind-the-scenes lives of players on an NFL team as they go through training camp, the Daily News confirmed Wednesday. A select National Football League team is followed by the series...  Read More

Rohan Murty & Lakshmi Venu to engage soon

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For one year Rohan Murty and Lakshmi Venu have been dating each other. Rohan Murty courted Lakshmi Venu for a nearly a year, but it took him less than a day to propose and solemnise a quick-fire engagement that is set to take corporate India by storm. On Sunday, Rohan was engaged to be married to Lakshmi Venu. Rohan Murty is a doctoral student at Harvard University and the only son of NR Narayana Murthy, the founder and...  Read More

How Did Farrah’s Baby and Daddy (Derek Underwood) Die in car accident?

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Farrah Abraham does not disclose much about the Derek Underwood, father of her daughter, Sophia, except that she’s cut him out of her life on the “16 and Pregnant” show. At present, Farrah disclosed that father of Sophia died tragically in a car accident two months before his daughter’s birth. Derek Underwood passed away at the age of 18. Farrah’s mother told her to block his number to keep her from calling...  Read More

Justin Bieber Takes Estrogen Pills – Another web Hoax about Justin Bieber

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Justin Bieber Takes Estrogen Pills - Another web Hoax about Justin Bieber
Another web hoax about the teen star Justin Bieber is that he takes estrogen pills. Justin Bieber is only 16 year old, so this could be not possible. The other side of the news about Justin is that he is nominated for Best New Artist at the VMA. It is not clear that why people construct these false rumors and targeting him. If it is simply that the people doing it are trying to convince a younger audience that he is...  Read More

T.I. and Tiny Wedding Pictures Revealed

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T.I. and Tiny‘ (Tameka) wedding ceremony occurred on last weekend in Miami. Last weekend, Swizz Beatz & Alicia Keys and DJ Jazzy Jeff & Lynette Jackson also got married. In the marriage, Tiny wore a Valentino gown and TI wore a Prada tuxedo. They wedded in different style. The marriage event was being a big and memorable event. An American recording artist and film & music producer, Clifford “TI”...  Read More

Tamera Mowry Engaged to Adam Housley

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Tamera Mowry Engaged to Adam Housley
Congratulations to Sister, Sister actress Tamera Mowry and her longtime honey, Fox News Channel national and international correspondent, Adam Housley. The pair got engaged last week while vacationing in Venice, Italy. The 32 year old and Adam Housley have been dating for quite some time, and the couple is engaged for their second time. Tamera Mowry and Adam Housley “Adam proposed to Tamera last week in Italy,” a...  Read More