Pear shaped Women have memory problems

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Pear shaped Women have memory problems
Fat deposited around the hips could increase a woman's risk of suffering memory loss. US researchers have found that a woman’s body shape could affect on her memory : ” pear-shaped women (bootylicious) are more likely to have memory problems in later life than apple shapes” Scientists studied 8745 women aged 65 to 79 who were given scores out of 100 after taking a mental test. According to the findings,...  Read More

Lorcaserin – New Diet Pill That works

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Lorcaserin - New Diet Pill That works
A New Diet Pill, Lorcaserin appears to be showing promise in clinical trials. A study found that the diet pill helped about half the people who tried to reduce their weight, without any side effect. Researchers say, An Experimental weight loss drug has been invented that targets the brain’s hunger center, shown to be safe and effective for helping dieters. Most of the consumers are tired by consuming new and unproven...  Read More

Rogue Wave Fall Tour 2010 Dates Announced

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Rogue Wave Fall Tour 2010 Dates Announced
Rogue Wave has announced summer fall tour dates around the country which started from 14th July, 2010 and it will end on 29th Sep, 2010. Recently Rogue Wave released new album called Permalight on 2nd March, 2010. Permalight, the most active, physical, and fun album is leading up to their appearance at Lollapalooza in Chicago this year. Rouge Wave Tour starts from the Crystal Bay Crown Club in Nevada includes 14 cross-country...  Read More

Lebron James on Twitter – Another Celebrity in twitter

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Lebron James on Twitter - Another Celebrity in twitter
NBA’s professional basketball player, Lebron James joined the social networking site Twitter on July 5, 2010. Lebron James‘ fans those who are hoping to find and follow him, now it is possible on Twitter community. The most hyped free agent in NBA history, currently choosing among several desperate suitors, is officially at @kingjames and currently he has more than 203,591 followers despite having not yet posted...  Read More

Fact about Jeremy Piven’s Mercury Poisoning Story

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Fact about Jeremy Piven's Mercury Poisoning Story
Jeremy Piven’s suspected of having mercury poisoning. Jeremy Piven rumored dropped his phone in a Japanese restaurant toilet in unknown place at Chicago. Everything happens because of mercury poisoning though it is not confirmed this story yet because may be its just rumor heard from anywhere else, according to the report. The star of “Entourage” was coincidentally thrown his Blackberry handset or just...  Read More

Chicago subway fire makes 19 hurt

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Chicago subway fire makes 19 hurt
On 20st June, 2010 Sunday evening black smoke billowing from grates along city streets tells the tale of a fire in a Chicago subway that injured nineteen people, 5 in critical condition. Officials said, ‘Chicago firefighters quenched a track fire in the Red Line subway north of the Chicago Avenue station Sunday’s afternoon’. Chicago subway fire makes 19 hurt CTA spokeswoman Catherine Hosinski said a “small fire”...  Read More