Trillian 5 Beta Screenshots – Social Messenger for Windows 7 ‎launched

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As social messenger, Cerulean Studios has launched Trillian 5 Beta with new feature for Windows 7 after working long time. Trillian 5 is available to download for the public. ‎Trillian 5 beta appears with a new clean and pleasant user interface. Additional features like synchronized chat history, a foursquare plug-in enabling relocation feature, and streamlined social news feeds are involved in new Trillian 5. Trillian...  Read More

Opera Mobile 10.1 preview edition released for Nokia Maemo

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The first Opera Mobile 10.1 beta was presented for Symbian S60 platform in last week. Now Opera Mobile 10.1 beta is released for Nokia Maemo operating system which is used currently in phones such as Nokia N900 and N810/N800. Earlier, Opera had tried to releasea beta version of Opera Mobile for Maemo, however that version unsupported JIT which in turn made the browser slow. Opera Labs blog claims that Opera has now contained...  Read More

Windows Live Essentials Beta Free Download now available from microsoft

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Windows Live Essentials Beta Free Download now available from microsoft
Microsoft’s new suit of live applications, known as Windows Live Essentials Beta is now available free for download from microsoft windows live website  This test version of Windows Live Essential includes free programs like photo gallery, movie making and instant messaging software. Microsoft made beta versions available Thursday. The software includes Windows Live Photo Gallery, Movie Maker,...  Read More