Lindsay Ann Hawker’s killer admits sin in his book

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Lindsay Ann Hawker's killer admits sin in his book
A Japanese man Tatsuya Ichihashi, 32, who killed his British English language teacher Lindsay Ann Hawker in Japan in early 2007, has released a new book that shows scary information how he carried out plastic surgery on himself and evading police for two years and seven months prior to he was cornered and arrested lastly at an Osaka ferry terminal in November 2009. Ichihashi said, “I took Lindsay’s life,” in...  Read More

Roseville Galleria Mall Set on Fire

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Roseville Galleria Mall Set on Fire
Yesterday, upscale shopping mall, Roseville Galleria was held under blockade and set on fire, fortunately fire is under control, but firemen are still struggling flames on the roof of the shopping center. After hours of firing, the suspected person (23 year old Alexander Corney Piggee) is arrested by police from the Roseville Galleria Mall for the Roseville fire. Police also said that the Roseville Galleria Mall fire...  Read More

Halcon De La Sierra Muerte’s Dead Body Found

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Halcon De La Sierra Muerte's Dead Body Found
El Halcon de la Sierra, 28-years-old Mexican grupero singer was killed on Tuesday night. His dead body was found with other two people from the highway stretch – Guerrero Tomochic. Halcon De La Sierra is another Mexican singer, who was murdered. Fabian Ortega Pinon is original name of famous singer El Halcon de la Sierra. Fabian Ortega was born in the town of Gomez Farias, Chihuahua, then for many years he resided...  Read More

Hedge fund manager arrested in racketeering

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Recently, Hedge fund manager, Sean Mueller was arrested for running a Ponzi scheme. With a business partner John Elway, Hall of Fame quarterback invested $15 million with a hedge-fund manager (Sean Mueller). Colorado regulators sued Sean Mueller, due to this he threatened to jump off of a Regional Transportation District parking structure but Greenwood Village police interfered and took Mueller to a hospital. As per Denver...  Read More

Brittanee Drexel Missing case updates

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Brittanee Drexel Missing case updates
Brittanee Drexel, 17 years old girl disappeared nearly a year ago on Saturday, April 25, 2009 when she was spring break in Myrtle Beach, S.C. with her friends. Police has identified three people in the case of missing high school student Brittanee Drexel. Due to an ongoing investigation, no further information was released about this case. The case of Brittanee Marie Drexel of Chili will be featured tonight on a cable...  Read More

Green River killer Gary Ridgway faces death penalty over Teresa Lewis crime

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Green River killer Gary Ridgway faces death penalty over Teresa Lewis crime
The 61-year-old American serial killer, Gary Ridgway faces possible death penalty over Teresa Lewis crime. All time, interesting research is created by serial killers as their crimes, methods, and bizarre thought behaviors. Gary Ridgway has murdered 48 women in Washington during the 1980s and 1990s by strangling them and after strangling, he would leave their bodies throughout King County. He was known as Green River...  Read More

Silver Spring MD : ‘Save the Planet Protest’ Gunman killed in Discovery Building

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Silver Spring MD : 'Save the Planet Protest' Gunman killed in Discovery Building
A Save the Planet Protest Gunman, James J. Lee who took three hostages at the Discovery Communications building in Silver Spring was killed by Montgomery County Police on Wednesday afternoon after taking all hostages safely. Lee opposed the Discovery Channel’s environmental programming for years because he wanted that Discovery Communications telecast new program at their channels for the world. The 43-year-old,...  Read More

Paris Hilton Arrested with Albuterol in purse

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Paris Hilton Arrested with Albuterol in purse
In the purse of the Paris Hilton, Albuterol, cash and cocaine all were found when the celebrity was arrested in Las Vegas this past weekend. The reported $1300 in cash and broken Albuterol tablet were mine but the .8 grams of cocaine was not, claimed Hilton. Hilton was arrested late Friday in Las Vegas. The report has been made that Hilton’s explanation for the little white baggie which fell out of her purse was...  Read More

Andrew Koenig Dead – Another celebrity suicide case

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Andrew Koenig Dead - Another celebrity suicide case
A missing American actor and human rights activist, Andrew Koenig was lastly found as died with hanging his body from a tree in Stanley Park at Vancouver. The 41-year-old Andrew casted on the ’80s sitcom Growing Pains’ as Boner, this role helped him to become well-known. Before two days of suicide, he became missing and wrote letter to his family to begin searching for him. Due to his acting success, he was getting...  Read More

Richard Ramirez’s 25 year waiting for execution

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Richard Ramirez's 25 year waiting for execution
Richard drew the five-point pentagram, a symbol sometimes associated with Satanism, on his own hand. At his trial, he would shout “Hail Satan!” in open court. Ramírez was a big fan of hard rock and heavy metal bands that sang about hell and the devil. He was said to be a fan of AC/DC and, in particular, their song “Night Prowler” Richard Ramirez is a killer who raped and tortured many of his...  Read More