Pear shaped Women have memory problems

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Pear shaped Women have memory problems
Fat deposited around the hips could increase a woman's risk of suffering memory loss. US researchers have found that a woman’s body shape could affect on her memory : ” pear-shaped women (bootylicious) are more likely to have memory problems in later life than apple shapes” Scientists studied 8745 women aged 65 to 79 who were given scores out of 100 after taking a mental test. According to the findings,...  Read More

Solution of iphone 4 Antena Problem – free cases or Full refund

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Apple gives the solution of iphone 4 Antena Problem. And yesterday announcements had been made that they will be giving away free cases to all customers with an iPhone 4 or customers who want to return the iPhone can get a full refund, due to the antenna issues. Apple said, “They will give a free case to all customers who purchased the iPhone 4 before September 30, 2010, or will issue a refund if customers already...  Read More

iTunes App Store hacked

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Apple iTunes and applications stores have been hacked by scoundrel developers, obvious from reports of many doubtful activities from users’ iTunes accounts. It was also reported that some iTunes customer accounts have also been hacked and funds from those accounts may have been used to buy apps in the iTunes App Store. A mysterious uptick in sales of book apps was reported by Engadget by a developer identified as Thuat...  Read More

Apple iOS 4 Release Time & Date – Some Important Tips

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Apple is going to launch iPhone operating system named “iOS 4” which given a new name to iPhone OS 4.0. The “iOS 4”comes with an exclusive features like global inbox, folders for apps, multitasking, data detector, iAd, game center and much more. The iOS4 operating system is said to be launched at a same time to the iPhone 4 on June 21st, 2010. On June 21st, you will be able to load up iTunes, connect your iPhone...  Read More

Google Chrome is faster than Apple Safari 5 in Mac OS (Chrome 5 vs Safari 5 vs Firefox 3)

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Google Chrome is faster than Apple Safari 5 in Mac OS (Chrome 5 vs Safari 5 vs Firefox 3)
Apple released newer version of Safari Browser – Apple Safari 5 recently. Apple proposing that it’s more faster than other browser like Firefox 3 (3.6.3), Opera 10.53 and Google Chrome 4. Apple Safari 5 now also support for exrensions.But Now benchmarks test proves that Google Chrome 5 is more faster than Apple Safari 5. Apple claim that Safari 5 is fastest web browser avaiable in Mac OS and faster than Google...  Read More

AT&T security hole exposes iPad e-mail addresses

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The e-mail addresses of Apple iPad users had been exposed by a security hole said AT&T late Wednesday. AT&T is the second largest wireless service provider whispered that the problem had been fixed and it would report to customers of the violation, which also exposed their iPad identification numbers used to validate a wireless user.  Read More → Read More

iPhone 4 revealed with longer battery, 5 Mp Camera & HD video recording

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Day-to-day the modern technology is expanding. Presently American multinational corporation Apple Inc. has revealed its next generation fastest, highest-resolution iPhone – iPhone 4 with longer battery, 5 Mp Camera & HD video recording. Apple chief executive Steve Jobs displayed the new iPhone 4 which is available for sale from June 24 at $199 with 16 gigabytes of storage, at $299 for a 32 GB model-in an important...  Read More

What to expect from the new iPhone 4G?

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Some information of new iPhone 4G has been leaked even for some time, the details have been kept under secret wraps. As per expectation, through the new iPhone 4G, Apple will be bringing the latest and hottest in technology. Many of us have expectation, but what to expect from the new iPhone 4G? It is known that iPhone will have touch-sensitive casing. The consumer will be allowed to use the casing for controlling games...  Read More

Long queue in Europe, Asia to buy Apple’s iPad

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Long queue in Europe, Asia to buy Apple's iPad
Ipad is the hottest gadget at the moment, and people of Europe and Asia are rushing to catch it in apple stores. There were long queue at apple stores on friday. Streets in the London, Paris, Frankfurt and Tokyo were full of long lines of eager buyers with their credit cards ready. Screams and cheers rose from the crowd in central London as students, professionals and self-proclaimed computer geeks clutched boxes containing...  Read More

Mystery of Foxconn employee suicide

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Foxconn Is leading electronics company in china, well known for producing components for Apple, Dell, Hewlett-Packard and other world’s famous companies. Now a days Foxconn tops in news for death of 12 employee in their plant. Most of the case are considered as suicide, but company management worrying about reasons of that. Foxconn is old company and having 800,000 employees in China’s mainland, 420,000 are in...  Read More